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UNITED NATIONS, June 18. / TASS /. Russia calls on the UN Security Council to discuss Ukraine’s diversion into the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) last week, in which five LPR officers were killed, the Russian mission said to the UN in a statement published Thursday on its website.

According to the document, “on June 17, during the closed-door consultations of the Security Council Russia drew the attention of its colleagues on the Security Council “to what happened. The Russian mission informed that in the early hours of June 11, a sabotage group of the Ukrainian armed forces had infiltrated into the Lugansk Region People’s Militia observation post in the Golubovskoye settlement area, killing five militia officers.

“Russia calls on the members of the Security Council to condemn this senseless and brutal attack by the Ukrainian armed forces against officers of the Lugansk militia, which constitutes a direct violation of the Minsk accords and of the additional cease-le-control measures fire of July 22, 2020, which prohibit the recognition and sabotage of the activity of the parties, ”the statement said.

The Russian mission stressed that direct assistance to the Kiev government by Western states is of particular concern. The statement said that since April 13, US military experts have been training Ukrainian snipers in a camp near Mariupol, located in close proximity to the conflict. “It is no secret even to the media that American companies are supplying sniper rifles and ammunition to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. These American deliveries of arms and military equipment to Ukraine are pushing Kiev to destabilize the situation in Donbass and to try to resolve the conflict. by force. “

The mission added that the June 11 provocation was organized by the Ukrainian government right after the phone call between Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and his American counterpart Joe Biden and after Zelensky’s trip to the contact line in Donbass les June 8 and 9. The document points out that this hijacking was carried out in the run-up to the G7 and NATO summits, the EU-US summit and the meeting between Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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