Kremlin says not considering open dialogue with Kyiv

The Kremlin says it cannot consider maintaining an open dialogue with kyiv.

On Thursday, the Kremlin claimed that kyiv had changed the parameters of possible peace negotiations and expressed its inability to consider an open dialogue with Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in conference call with reporters that if Kyiv wished, the US could push him to come back to the negotiating table and consider Russia’s concerns .

Peskov added that Ukraine could not be trusted because it had changed its mind frequently throughout the nine-month dispute over whether it even wanted to engage in negotiations with Moscow.

Peskov told reporters: “First they negotiate, then they refuse to negotiate, then they enact a law prohibiting any negotiation, then they say they want negotiations, but public ones.”

“Therefore, it is difficult to envisage public negotiations. There is no doubt that the Ukrainians do not want negotiations,” he added.

Peskov said Moscow would continue what he calls a “special military operation” in this context and that the missile strikes at sites across Ukraine were the result of Kyiv’s reluctance to sit down for negotiations.

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