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President Trump has led the US government propaganda that the coronavirus originated from the WIV. However, even after twelve months, the US government failed to provide factual or scientific evidence. Now, the ‘dark web’ inspired Biden administration has tasked the US intelligence community to produce evidence in 90 days to establish that COVID-19 did not have ‘natural ancestors’. While half of the world’s scientific community is busy speculating, a simple forensic investigation is needed to find the answer.


“Throw in enough dirt, and some will stick” – Thomas Boghardt, historian

Recently, there has been a growing resurgence of interest in the coronavirus ‘lab leak’ hypothesis. One can only speculate if more recent revelations about the presence of coronavirus in the United States in mid-December 2019 – weeks before the announcement of the first confirmed case on January 21, 2020, would have an impact on the leakage controversy. from the Wuhan laboratory. But thanks to Trump’s “anti-China xenophobia”, over the past year the leak theory has been sidelined from public scientific debate in the United States. As Covid-19 turned into a global pandemic, the laboratory leak hypothesis got stuck in a “hyper-politicized context”. Seeking to inject new energy into his ongoing anti-China rhetoric ahead of the November presidential vote, President Trump has begun to “instrumentalize the theory of laboratory leaks from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and the even called “Chinese virus” and “Kung Flu”. According to media reports, such a pernicious interweaving of anti-China rhetoric and xenophobic framing of the pandemic “has caused an apparent chilling effect within the scientific community.”

For the past twelve months, science writers have scoffed at and some have even condemned anyone claiming the origins of the Coronavirus lab leaks. Now, the same number of those writers, and a few more joining them again, recently said the coronavirus may well have originated from a lab in Wuhan. As veteran New Yorker political editor Amy Davidson Sorkin observed last Sunday, with President Biden entering the battle over the coronavirus lab leak theory, “the debate over the origin of the pandemic has become loud, controversial and steeped in politics “. A rare Chinese comment has even alleged that the Biden administration’s call for a new investigation into the origins of Covid-19 is inspired by the latest ‘explosive’ new study by two European academics claiming that ‘Chinese scientists created the virus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) laboratory.

What has changed for these science writers? If we go by what author and activist David Swanson says, nothing really. Swanson, who is also a popular radio host, believes the latest change in the scientific community’s stance is largely a matter of fashion. (Emphasis added) Indirectly attributing the scientists ” new perspective ‘to the new call from the White House, Swanson wrote in a recent article,’ You don’t wear the wrong outfit too early in the season, or explore the wrong epidemiological idea when The White House is claimed by either party. In fact, Swanson refused to be persuaded that the virus leaping out of the Wuhan lab was cause enough to condemn or “hate” China. Why?

Swanson offers two reasons. First, the bug that the virus was created by Chinese scientists engaged in the “Gain of Function” (GoF) project. Elaborating more on “gain-of-office” plans, Sorensen recently told in an interview that GoF’s research involved “modifying natural viruses to make them more infectious” and had been banned by the former president. American Barack Obama. Although denying that the money the US invested in the WIV went to GoF projects, Dr Antony Fauci told US lawmakers the other day that the US National Institute of Health had funded WIF with $ 600,000 between 2015 and 2021. So instead of limiting its hatred for China, if China is a military threat, then why fund its biological weapons research? Swanson asked. Indeed, an extremely relevant question!

The other reason Swanson did not consider the Coronvirus lab leak theory worthy of condemnation has a lot to do with the issue of censorship surrounding the whole subject of biological weapons in the United States. For example, no one is supposed to know anyway what is common knowledge that the 2001 anthrax attacks originated with material from a US biological weapons lab. Or this Lyme disease that affects 400,000 Americans each year, spread by an American biological weapons laboratory. Therefore, for Swanson, the plausibility of a lab leak, though never proven, is another good reason to shut down all bioweapons labs in the world. It is incomprehensible why all those who investigate the origin of the coronavirous lab leak are silent and have not required a ban on all biological weapons laboratories in the world! (Emphasis added)

But why even after a year and a half since Covid-19 was detected in Wuhan, its original source remains a mystery? What about the WHO probe? Perhaps a calculated move, or maybe not, as soon as President Trump left the White House, the WHO sent a much-anticipated investigative team of seventeen experts to Wuhan. After spending four weeks in the “City of Silence”, during which the team toured the lab, WHO scientists concluded that the laboratory leak theory was “extremely unlikely”. But in a bizarre twist, even so-called “China-centric” WHO chief Tedros surprised everyone and angered China, during a speech in Geneva there. [WHO scientific] the team concluded that a lab leak is the least likely hypothesis, it requires further investigation. ”

On the other hand, China, as expected, has repeatedly denied that WIV was responsible for the lab leak and insisted the virus appeared naturally or was zoonotic. In fact, by refusing to be transparent or cooperative in sharing information, Beijing has only strengthened the global reaction against China’s conflicting policies. The Chinese Foreign Ministry retaliating against the United States as Biden ordered a review of the Wuhan lab leak theory is the latest example of his “warrior-wolf” attitude. China’s official media are no different. A month before the Wall Street Journal renewed the media attack on Beijing at the end of May, the official Chinese broadcaster CGTN said, “With Trump’s departure, the hypothesis of a laboratory leak is now acceptable. It plays into both an old Orientalist trope and a modern Sinophobic to fabricate consent to America’s hybrid war against China.

Although not officially declared as a “taboo” subject, opinion comments have been sparse and infrequent on the theory of WIV lab leaks in China. A recent signed commentary, co-authored by a seasoned observer of India who uses the pseudonym of “countryside brahmin,” and South Asian affairs expert Gao Xirui, strongly challenged President Biden’s May 26 decree. The comment also ridiculed India for “piggy riding” in America in the latest hype about the lab leak theory. The authors attributed Biden’s renewed interest in the WIV lab leak to the recent study published in the scientific journal Quarterly review of the discovery of biophysics by two European scientists, cited at the beginning of this article.

Earlier in August last year, scientists at WIV once again refuted the leak theory. Speaking to NBC News from the United States, which became the first foreign news agency to gain access to the laboratory, Wang Yanyi, the director of the WIV said, “None of the scientists at the institute contracted the virus. , which made it extremely unlikely that the pathogen could have escaped the establishment. NBC News in its report claimed that WIV was targeted because it was equipped to study “infectious agents and toxins most at risk, like the latest coronavirus.” More recently, a GT editorial described President Biden ordering a new investigation as making a bigger bet against China than even Trump. “No matter what Biden has in mind, the US government is usually up to something big against China,” the montage said.

As the about-face on the “leak theory” in the United States continues, the narrative is not only inconclusive but still unfolding. Just as this article was about to end, the Financial Times reported that researchers in the United States feared that “decades of fortuitous partnership” between the United States and the People’s Republic of China were at risk, while this thanks to the Wuhan laboratory row. “In early 2004, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signed an agreement with the Chinese National Influenza Center to help China improve its analysis for seasonal flu strains. Scientists now fear this type of collaboration is at risk, jeopardized by mutual suspicion that has been exacerbated by the recent row over whether Covid-19 could have come from a lab leak in Wuhan, ”reported the FT. Over the next decade, the United States trained nearly 2,500 Chinese scientists and helped open dozens of laboratories in the country, the report adds.

Finally, according to Richard Ebright, “not much has changed in terms of scientific evidence since the virus genome sequence was first published in January 2020.” Ebright is one of 21 international scientists who detailed at what a full interdisciplinary investigation in Wuhan should look like in an open letter last March. At the same time, security analysts and academics from think tanks in the United States believe the new administration is forced to pursue the ‘lab leak’ theory because ‘Biden doesn’t want to look’ weak against China ”. Meanwhile, as Chinese media compare the laboratory leak theory with the infamous “washing powder” lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Professor Ebright inadvertently responded to The New Yorker’s request to find real answers. “The origin of the coronavirus can be determined by a forensic investigation, not by scientific speculation,” Ebright said.


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