Russian troops retreat in the northeast before the “avalanche” promised by kyiv

Fireworks in Moscow, commemorating the city’s 875th anniversary, opened fire on Russian soldiers in northeastern Ukraine, where a quick list of liberated areas is impossible, but in the south of the country , in the Kherson region. Vladimir Putin, who ordered his troops to occupy the entire Donetsk region by the 15th and said Russia had ‘lost nothing’ more than thousands of dead in the meantime, had no cause for celebration but was criticized by local authorities in the capital and St. Petersburg. .

Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukrainian Defense Minister, said the Russian military was running out of options in the theater of war. “Russian troops will flee, they will believe me, because we are destroying their supply chains, warehouses, etc. And the question will be, “Where should they go?” It will be like an avalanche,” he said.

The Russian armed forces face their worst moment in the early days of the invasion, when reports of difficulties in supplying reinforcements and ammunition to the arsenals pile up. In the south, thousands of troops (estimated at between 15,000 and 25,000) remain stranded on the west bank of the Dnieper as the Ukrainians continue to blast their infrastructure and logistics.

To the northeast, Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, continues to be the daily target of Russian bombardment, and the Ukrainian military has launched a namesake offensive that has stunned many observers and warned against such rapid weakness. In advance.. In the last hours, after Balaklia, he saw the Russian flag withdrawn from Kubiansk and Isium, a strategic city connecting Donbass by rail.

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the withdrawal of its forces from Izium, occupied six months ago, saying the withdrawal was planned with the aim of strengthening the Donetsk region. Later in the day there were unconfirmed reports of clashes at Donetsk airport and a Ukrainian advance on Lisysansk in Lugansk.

Mick Ryan, Australian researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, commented on Twitter that “future historians will see this as a major turning point. Russians are at a disadvantage. Rob Lee, said The New York Times which Appears as “a highly effective combined operation with tanks, mechanized infantry, special operations forces, air defense, artillery and other formations”.

Perhaps not coincidentally, in recent days mayors from Smolensk to St. Petersburg have called for Putin to be charged with treason, and others from Lomonosovsky to Moscow have called for his resignation.

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