Putin, “A criminal observing Kiev’s silent entry into NATO”


(ANSA) – MOSCOW, DECEMBER 08 – Passive monitoring of developments regarding Ukraine’s possible NATO membership would be criminal behavior. This is what Vladimir Putin said, commenting on the results of the interview with Joe Biden. The Russian president specified that within “a few days or weeks” Russia will present its proposals on the security issue in Europe to the United States. On the other hand, the Russian leader stressed that NATO pursues a policy of “open confrontation” towards Russia.

TASS reports. “President Joe Biden and I agreed in our conversation yesterday to continue the discussion” on the subject of Russian security guarantees and NATO enlargement “, and we will do so in a way substantial. “

“We will exchange our views on this point in the near future,” Putin said.

“Russia will literally prepare its considerations in the next few days within a week, and we will transfer them to the US side for study,” he added. Putin noted that it was agreed in discussions with Biden to create “an appropriate framework for professional advancement.” (Transaction).

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