Russia does not back down from Norman format, Kiev does not respect agreements – senior diplomat – world



MOSCOW, November 1. / TASS /. Russia does not shy away from meetings in the Norman format, it is Kiev which “has not lifted a finger” to respect the agreements reached at the 2019 summit in Paris, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei said on Monday. Lavrov on Russia-24 TV channel.

“Now they are trying to ‘catch’ us, referring to the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to hold the Normandy-format meeting at least at ministerial level. However, in saying this, the president noted that, everything first of all, they are necessary to respect the agreement concluded in December 2019 in Paris, “the senior diplomat stressed.” Everything must be done by the Kiev authorities. But they haven’t lifted a finger to determine the status of Donbass and to enshrine it in Ukrainian law as well as to ensure security, “said the Russian Foreign Minister.

The senior diplomat noted that his German and French colleagues still proposed to maintain a “constructive ambiguity” on those responsible for the execution of the Minsk agreements. “Two days after the telephone conversation between the Russian President, German Chancellor and French President, when Putin blasted such legislative practice, including [Ukraine’s] draft law on a transitional period, because unacceptable, the EU-Ukraine summit was held. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Michel and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed a declaration, much of which was devoted to glorifying the Donbass crisis, ”Lavrov explained. “Ukraine has been informed that Russia bears a special responsibility in this crisis since it is a party to the conflict.”

According to Lavrov, Russia immediately asked Berlin and Paris to clarify this matter. ” What is the result [of the talks] – constructive ambiguity or that? We were told that shouldn’t surprise us; from the start of the 2014 crisis, they assumed we were responsible for it as well. So why did they sign the Minsk accords? ”Lavrov said.

While recalling the Paris summit in 2019, the senior Russian diplomat stressed that there was a lack of will to “take really drastic measures that would considerably mitigate the risks of military clashes”.


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