Massive hooligan brawl erupts at Dynamo Kiev game, leaving bloodied thugs in the stands


A mass brawl broke out in the stands during the match between Dynamo Kiev and Oleksandriya in the Ukrainian Premier League on Saturday.

Footage from the incident shows a group of ultras charging a segregation fence at NSC Olympiyskiy in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

Police are reportedly investigating the mass brawl after a number of supporters and seats were left covered in blood, with RT reporting that the incident partly took place in a family section of the stadium.

The hosts won the game itself 1-0 with a time-out penalty from winger Viktor Tsygankov, sealing all three points.

Ultras could be seen charging a segregation barrier during Dynamo Kiev v Oleksandriya game

Reports suggest the violence began after a supporter told ultras not to launch flares due to children sitting in an adjoining part of the stadium.

The smoke and gas produced by torches can be particularly harmful to children.

Ultras were then seen attacking fans and reports said the brawl consisted of around 50 Ultras taking on four other supporters.

Four people have since come forward to report injuries of “varying severity” and the case is now being investigated by police.

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A long shot of ultras at the NSC Olympiyskiy
50 ultras are believed to have attacked a group of just four other supporters

An official police statement issued after the incident reads: “Police efforts are aimed at identifying and bringing to justice all those involved. “

Meanwhile, Dynamo Kiev also released a statement from the club acknowledging the incident: “Fans in the neighboring area made legitimate verbal remarks to them that such actions could harm and cause discomfort to children and other spectators in the area. [a nearby] sector.

“In response to this request, there was an aggressive and unacceptable backlash from members of the fan group. It was manifested by the commission of physical violence against certain spectators, [and] their beating by a group of people in front of a large audience of the match, including viewers.

“It was only after the police intervened that this offense was stopped. Individuals have been identified and detained for drafting pleadings.

Fan is bloodied after a fight
Fans were bloodied in the stands following the incident with four reported injuries of “varying severity”

The club also condemned the actions of the ultras and promised to help with the subsequent police investigation.

“We hope that law enforcement will give an appropriate legal assessment to the aggressive actions of the perpetrators and bring them to justice for the crime.

“FC Dynamo is clearly stating its firm position on the inadmissibility of any act of violence in the stadium and the inevitability of punishing law breakers.

“For our part, we guarantee the full assistance of the investigating authorities in the investigation of criminal proceedings.”

Dynamo Kiev are set to host European giants Bayern Munich and Barcelona in the Champions League in November and UEFA have not been happy with the footage from Saturday’s game.

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