Kiev confirms the end of gas transit to Hungary and the loss of imports from this country – Business & Economy



KIEV, October 1. / TASS /. Ukraine has lost the ability to import natural gas from Hungary through the so-called virtual reverse due to the end of the transit of Russian natural gas through Ukrainian territory to Hungary, the Russian Federation said on Friday. operator of the Ukrainian gas transmission network.

“Considering the fact that the imports of natural gas from Hungary were carried out by means of a quasi-reverse, there is no possibility of imports from Hungary without transit,” the statement said. The company confirmed that gas transit to Hungary was cut off at 07:00 on Friday.

On October 1, Gazprom started supplying gas to Hungary under a long-term contract via the Balkan Stream gas pipeline (continuation of TurkStream) and gas pipelines in South East Europe. According to the company, two contracts were signed, with a total volume of up to 4.5 billion cubic meters per year, with the duration of each contract being 15 years.

Since November 2015, Kiev has stopped buying Russian gas directly, replacing it with what is known as reverse virtual gas from Europe. So Ukraine formally buys gas from European companies, but actually takes some of the transit fuel that goes from Russia to Europe. Thus, this gas does not physically cross the western border of Ukraine, but is treated as gas imported from Europe.


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