West tries to bring Ukraine under direct foreign control, says Putin – world



MOSCOW, July 12./TASS/. The West is creating an atmosphere of fear in Ukraine and is trying to bring the country under direct foreign control, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his article On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians, published on the Kremlin website on Monday. .

“This is what happens in practice. First, it is about creating a climate of fear in Ukrainian society, aggressive rhetoric, appeasement towards neo-Nazis and militarization of the country. direct external control, including the supervision of foreign advisers over Ukrainian government authorities, secret services and armed forces, the military “development” of the territory of Ukraine, the deployment of NATO infrastructure, “stressed Putin.

It is no coincidence that the scandalous law on “indigenous peoples” was passed by Kiev “free from large-scale NATO exercises in Ukraine”. The absorption of the remnants of the Ukrainian economy, the exploitation of its natural resources also fall under the same shelter, the president said.

“The sale of arable land is also imminent, and it is obvious who will buy it. Yes, financial means, loans are given to Ukraine from time to time, but on their own terms and interest rates, depending on the preferences and benefits for Western companies, “Putin said.” By the way, who will pay off these debts? Putin asked. “Apparently this is expected to be done not only by today’s generation of Ukrainians. ‘hui, but also by their children, grandchildren and perhaps their great-grandchildren, “he added.


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