Ukrainian veterans denounce media campaign against Cuba – Prensa Latina


The meeting took place at the Havana Embassy in Kiev, in the presence of the Cuban Ambassador, Natacha Diaz, and the President of the Kyiv Space and Rocket Veterans Organization, Alexander Naumov.

Directors and members of the Ukrainian Association of Missile Crisis Veterans, the Zhytomyr Region Veterans Association, the Stop the Blockade Committee and representatives of the Cuban Embassy also attended.

During the meeting, Díaz briefed the participants on the situation in Cuba, the campaign to discredit the country and denounced the strong impact of the US blockade against the economy and other spheres of national life.

The official stressed that the coercive measures applied by the White House against Cuba prevent the purchase of raw materials for the production of medicines and food.

The diplomat thanked the support of the organizations present in the fight against disinformation and in the promotion of actions of solidarity for the benefit of the Cuban people.

In response, veterans reiterated their unconditional support for Cuba. They recalled their trips to the country and expressed the eternal gratitude of their Cuban people for the health care program that favored the children of Chernobyl after the disaster.

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