No reaction from Paris and Berlin to threats of Kiev missile strike against Russia – diplomat – world



MOSCOW, October 26. / TASS /. Berlin and Paris are to provide their assessment of the influence of Kiev’s threats of a missile strike on Russia on the Normandy negotiating process, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Tuesday, adding that their lack of response raises questions.

“The behavior of our partners on the Normandy Four format – Berlin and Paris – raises questions”, underlined the diplomat.

According to Zakharova, France and Germany are not reacting to Kiev’s open sabotage of the Minsk agreements and to “the recent degradation of openly threatening Russia”.

“We urge the German and French authorities, who advocate a new format of Norman meetings, to assess how the direct threats of Ukrainian politicians against Russia are facilitating the progress of the negotiations, and urge Ukrainian citizens to consider where the aggressive militaristic statements of politicians Ukrainians can drive, “Zakharova noted.

She noted that Kiev’s remarks about a missile strike on Russia and the launch of a large-scale military operation “can only cause concern.”

“We doubt that Ukrainian representatives will dare to repeat such threats on UN or OSCE platforms, designed to defend the principle of non-use of force or threats of force in international relations. The reasons for this behavior of Ukrainian politicians are clear. Unable to keep their promises on improving the economy, improving the quality of life, preventing linguistic and ethnic discrimination and peaceful resolution of the conflict in Donbass, the Kiev authorities seek to hijack the attention of their citizens to other issues, Russia in particular, “said the spokeswoman.

She stressed that the rhetoric of the Ukrainian leadership benefits NATO, which continues to actively militarize Ukraine and assimilate it militarily.

“Stirring up anti-Russian hysteria is beneficial to NATO member states which, under the pretext of a non-existent Russian threat, are actively assimilating Ukraine militarily. According to various assessments, there are already around ten NATO military deployment sites in the country. Two of the military installations are under construction in Ochakovo and Ilyichevsk which will be able to receive NATO strategic bombers. This is how Ukraine is gradually becoming militarized, and NATO’s military infrastructure is moving closer to the Russian borders, which will neither facilitate stability in Ukraine, nor the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass ”, stressed the Minister. Diplomat.


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