Kiev authorities are trying to show that they renounce the Minsk agreements — diplomat – Russian Politics & Diplomacy

MOSCOW, February 4. /TASS/. Recent statements by Kyiv authorities underline that they are renouncing the Minsk agreements, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a press briefing on Friday.

“Unfortunately, the recent statements by the Kyiv authorities, the Kyiv regime, questioning the sincerity of their intentions to resolve the crisis in Donbass by peaceful means on the basis of a set of measures, underline what we we talked about earlier: unfortunately, it seems that they are abandoning them,” she said.

“It is not Moscow that is imagining something, I am addressing [Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry] Kuleba now is written in the Minsk agreements, which were signed by the President of Ukraine in the presence of everyone and worked out by him,” the diplomat stressed. “Therefore, it is not us who see some special status, it’s written there – all the steps that need to be implemented.”

Zakharova noted that Paris and France should force Kiev to fully implement the Minsk agreements if they want to make progress in resolving the Ukrainian crisis. “Therefore, if Paris wants to move forward in resolving the Ukrainian conflict, it is enough for the French and German colleagues to be serious, <...> from an implementation point of view, I understand that it is not easy, but we must work with Kyiv, make it fully implement the Minsk agreements,” she concluded.

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