Gogglebox viewers are baffled by the way sisters Ellie and Izzi use their cutlery


Viewers of the hit reality show Channel 4 were distracted by the cooking techniques of sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner as they sat enjoying a Chicken Kiev TV dinner together

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Gogglebox: Izzi and Ellie Warner enjoy chicken kievs

Gogglebox viewers were distracted on Friday night as they watched Leeds sisters Ellie and Izzi sit down to eat Kievs chicken.

The Warner sisters – who are Ellie, 29, and Izzi, 25 – have been part of the hit Channel 4 show since 2015 and are fan favorites.

Known for their quirky conversations between watching and re-watching TV shows and movies for the Gogglebox series, viewers are often amused by the sisters’ remarks.

In the last episode, Ellie sat happily munching on her dinner as her sister spoke lyrically about her love for Chicken Kiev.

Gogglebox fans were distracted by Ellie and Izzi Warner’s cooking techniques



Between bites, Izzi said, “I was trying to find something to have for tea on Sunday. Because I thought, ‘I’m not going out this weekend anymore. I’m probably going to have a bit of a hangover on Sunday. We don’t have dinner out because we ate out last Sunday, so I have to find something for Sunday tea.

“But everything I continued to do was based in Kiev.”

A half-indifferent Ellie made a noise “hmmm” in agreement – before Izzi continued his rant.

Fans wondered about the way Ellie and Izzi use their cutlery


Channel 4)

She continued, “I was like, ‘Izzy! You have Kiev tonight, you don’t want Kiev on Sunday. And Grant doesn’t like Kiev.

She continued, “I mean, don’t tell me how I ended up with someone who doesn’t like Kiev when I love Kiev as much as I do.”

Ellie then looked at her sister and made another “mmmm” sound in agreement.

While Ellie and Izzi were delighted to discuss the delicacies of the signature Russian dish, viewers were distracted by how the sisters used their cutlery.

Izzi explained his love for Chicken Kiev


Channel 4)

Fans watched in horror as Ellie put what looked like mashed potatoes in her mouth with her fork, while Izzi appeared to be holding her knife and fork at unusual angles.

Speaking to Twitter, some viewers criticized the ladies for their dining etiquette.

A bewildered fan wrote: “Can’t nobody use a knife fork properly anymore?” #gogglebox. “

While another bitchy viewer remarked, “You can tell a lot about the way people use a knife and fork. #gogglebox. “

Elsewhere, another viewer wondered if Izzi’s friends had confused the dish with the capital of Ukraine.

The viewer wrote on Twitter: “Don’t her pals like Kiev the food, or Kiev the city in Ukraine? #gogglebox. “

Ellie and Izzi are recording their scenes for Gogglebox at their family home, but they live apart.

The sisters have been present on Gogglebox since 2015


channel 4)

While Izzi and her boyfriend Grant started a family of their own – with a five-year-old son named Bobby and a one-year-old daughter named Bessie Rose.

The star took to Instagram early last year to show the world her daughter, writing: “We are all totally smitten with her, we feel so blessed and happy thanks to everyone for all your wishes. . ”

Away from Gogglebox, Izzi works as a mortgage advisor, while his sister Ellie works as a successful hairstylist.

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