For Abkhazia and South Ossetia, security with Russia equals economic problems

April 29 is a typical day in the news:

A good example of its timeliness is that the leading anonymous independent investigative journalist “Moon of Alabama” headlined “Double Ukraine” and reported that America and its allies are increasingly depressed by Russia’s growing military success against Ukraine, and that

The typical US reaction to defeat is to double down.

This can be done financially:

Jack Detsch @JackDetsch – 19:25 UTC April 28, 2022

DATA: Cumulative total US military aid to Ukraine since the February 24 Russian invasion.

February 25: $350 million

March 12: $550 million

March 16: $1.35 billion

April 1: $1.65 billion

April 5: $1.75 billion

April 13: $2.55 billion

April 21: $3.35 billion

April 24: $3.67 billion

April 28: $14.67 billion (if approved by Congress)

Most of the above money will go to the US arms industry to deliver weapons that Ukraine needs little or that will never reach the front line. The rest will be plundered by the Ukrainian oligarchs.

This financial doubling will not be very effective.

He offered reasons why it wouldn’t.

the Foreign Police The Detsch magazine reporter’s figures presented there total $15.52 billion committed and an additional $14.67 billion pending passage, for a likely total of $30.19 billion so far allocated in April. . These funds will come from future US taxpayers. But more will come from future Ukrainian taxpayers:

RT News’ Russian banner “Russia Explains What US Lend-Lease Really Means for Ukraine” and reported that

Lend-lease is not free and generations of Ukrainians will pay for the weapons that will be supplied by Washington to kyiv under the program, said Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of Russia’s State Duma.

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved Ukraine’s Defense of Democracy Lend-Lease Act, which makes it easier for Washington to send weapons to Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia. However, these deliveries are conditional on kyiv having to pay “the return and reimbursement and reimbursement of loaned or rented defense articles”. The Lend-Lease bill, which now only needs Joe Biden’s signature, is separate from the White House’s ongoing efforts to arm Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government with weapons from Pentagon stockpiles. … Many future generations of Ukrainian citizens will pay” for the weapons, ammunition and supplies delivered by Washington.

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By accepting the land lease plan, “Zelensky is leading the country into a debt pit”, insisted the speaker of parliament.

In other words: only American arms manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin will benefit from this spending, and American and Ukrainian taxpayers will lose out. Does the US President and virtually every member of the US Congress represent the interests of companies like Lockheed Martin or do they represent the interests of the American people?

Still on the 29th, RT headlined “The US government is short of money for Ukraine”and reported that

The US government needs Congress to approve its $33 billion request as soon as possible because it only has $250 million left from the previous Ukraine aid package, White House spokeswoman says , Jen Psaki.

US President Joe Biden signed the request on Thursday. He admitted that $33 billion “is not cheap”, but claimed that “giving in to aggression will cost more”.

When America carried out its 1953 coup that overthrew the democratically elected and hugely popular Iranian leader, Mohammed Mossadegh, and replaced him with the US-imposed regime that ended when this US-imposed regime was democratically overthrown in a 1979 revolution, was this 1953 US coup “aggression” against Iran?

When America committed its coup d’etat which, in February 2014, overthrew Ukraine is unpopular democratically elected leader Viktor Yanukovych and replaced him with the US-imposed regime which immediately replaced its generals and launched a ethnic cleansing campaign to get rid of the residents in the regions of Ukraine that had voted the heaviest (such as 90% in the far eastern Ukrainian Donbass) for the leader that Obama had just overthrown, was this American coup an “aggression” against Ukraine? This triggered the civil war in Ukraine. It was definitely an assault on them. Since then, Russia has reacted to this coup. Finally, Russia actually invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Was this a defensive action by Russia, or was it more of an aggression against Ukraine? and, if this was an aggression against Ukraine, then how would the US government react if instead of America installing an anti-Russian regime alongside Russia, Russia installed a anti-American regime next to America, say, in Mexico? (Admittedly, the Americans do not have authentic national security interest in Ukraine any more than the Russians have a national security interest in Mexico. So why did America seizes Ukraine in 2014? Was it to eventually become able to conquer Russia, or was it SOLELY to further enrich the billionaires who control corporations such as Lockheed Martin?)

So: what Joe Biden said, that “giving in to aggression will cost Russia more,” was he actually promising that US aggression against Russia would increase? If yes, then Why will they increase? What national security interest do Americans really have in Ukraine? The Russians obviously have a national security interest in their neighbor, but the Americans? We don’t. Is this really a theft of both the American people and the Ukrainian people, which is being perpetrated by the very few people who really controls the US government?

These are some of the things that go unreported (and issues never raised) in the US and allied mainstream news media, but can instead be found outside of them – as in THIS media of information.

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