Beech Mountain Receives Loan for Main Sewer Improvement Project


The Town of Beech Mountain was approved for the 2022 Main Sewer Improvement Project and received a loan of $ 2,870,000.

The money is among millions of dollars in loans announced by Governor Roy Cooper to help fund 94 water and sanitation projects across the state.

High Country Press reports that funding for the project was approved last month by the State Water Infrastructure Authority, which is responsible for allocating federal and state funding for water supply and sanitation infrastructure projects.

According to the report, Beech Mountain City Manager Bob Pudney said the city has already gone to the State Revolving Fund and that this loan will go towards water and sewer upgrades.

Pudney said the city is 40 years old and its infrastructure is relatively old and has suffered a number of leaks in the past, and that it is working diligently to upgrade the system throughout the city.

Beech Mountain is currently completing the replacement of 20,000 feet of water and sewer lines and their next project will use the funding they have received and is expected to begin in July.

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