US presses EU over Ukraine – Russian foreign intelligence svr – world


MOSCOW, November 30. / TASS /. The United States is putting pressure on its European allies over the question of the containment of Russia, the press office of the Russian foreign intelligence service SVR said on Tuesday in a press release.

“According to the information available, the Western diplomatic corps notes an increasing activity of the United States, aimed at obtaining the support of the European allies on the question of the containment of Russia. The tone of this dialogue becomes more and more harsh”, indicates the press release. The SVR said emissaries from Washington and London during a meeting with representatives of EU diplomatic missions in Ukraine in mid-November were trying to trigger panic “through further manipulation with false allegations about a next large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent occupation of Ukraine – Ukrainian territory. “

Washington and London, the SVR said, strongly demand that EU countries stick to a stand of solidarity with Ukraine, which, in their diagram, is the “only way to save the Russophobic regime in Kiev “.

“At the meeting in Kiev, a strong appeal was made to EU countries to help Ukraine with energy from alternative sources. Washington and London tried to make the Union support the costs of keeping the Ukrainian economy afloat amid unprecedented corruption in the country, aging energy infrastructure and skyrocketing fuel prices. EU countries have been said to be responsible to prevent Ukraine from completely losing its economic stability, ”SVR said.

“The diplomatic corps of EU countries in Ukraine is in confusion, as it is aware that the United States and Britain” artificially stir up hysteria in order to cast all misfortunes on Russia, if the adventurers of Kiev attack the Donbass “.

“Diplomats note that the Ukrainian authorities themselves are causing tensions in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Moreover, the EU countries, which themselves face acute problems, are unwilling to support the corrupt Ukrainian authorities. Europe today sees no chance that Ukraine has become a civilized and predictable partner, ”SVR said.

Lately, both in the West and in Ukraine, there has been frequent speculation about the risk of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian presidency spokesman Dmitry Peskov called such speculation fueling tensions without merit, adding that Russia posed no threat to anyone. At the same time, he did not rule out the risk of provocations that could be staged in order to justify such claims. He warned that attempts to settle the problem in southeastern Ukraine from a position of strength would have the most serious consequences.


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