Zelensky’s claims on Donbass prove neo-Nazism in Kiev politics – LPR foreign minister – world



LUGANSK, August 6. / TASS /. LPR Foreign Minister Vladislav Deinego believes that the words of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who urged Donbass residents who consider themselves to be ethnic Russians to settle in Russia, are a demonstration of the neo-Nazi nature of Kiev politics. The foreign minister’s statement was posted on the Foreign Ministry’s Telegram channel LPR on Friday.

“Zelensky crossed all borders in his cynicism that the Russian-minded people of Donbass are making a ‘big mistake’ by staying in the land of their ancestors,” Deinego said.

According to the Foreign Minister, Zelensky’s logic suggests that supporters of European integration and the initiators of the 2014 Euromaidan should leave Ukraine and settle in Europe.

“It would be fair. And there would be no war in the Donbass! If those who dictate such thoughts to Zelensky went to Europe at the time, with all the supporters of euro-integration,” said Deinego . “But no, the ‘big mistake’, in Zelensky’s narrow understanding, involves only the Russians! This is the whole neo-Nazi essence of the current Ukrainian state policy.”

Claiming that “Donbass will never become Russian,” Zelensky once again confirmed that no one intends to take the views of Donbass residents into account, the official said.

“There is nothing new in his remark to those who do not want to accept this -” you have to look for a new place in Russia “: these exact words of the Ukrainian nationalists and the ban on all Russian things triggered the conflict in Donbass in the first place, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Deinego noted that the conflict in Donbass began after nationalists and supporters of euro-integration seized power in Ukraine and embarked on a race to forcefully suppress protests against their regime in Donbass.

“Apparently no one has explained this to Zelensky, and he is unable to add two and two on his own and follow the cause and effect links in the chain of events of recent history,” Deinego said.


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