Zelensky admits Kyiv goal is to oust Donbass people, MP says – world



DONETSK, August 5. / TASS /. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has admitted that the aim of the Kiev authorities was to expel the residents of Donbass as he urged the residents of that region, who consider themselves Russians, to move to Russia, said Thursday the deputy of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Vladislav Berdichevsky. .

“Zelensky’s statement is a blatant admission of genocide, which was, is and will continue. This explains why the bombing of the DPR settlements is ongoing. This is because there is an objective and a strategy to drive out the people from here and liberate the territories. [Ukraine’s authorities] did all of this by economic, political and military means to get people to leave, ”quoted the Donetsk news agency, citing Berdichevsky, who chairs the DPR’s parliamentary committee on foreign policy, international relations, politics information and information technology.

“The Donbass was not built by Ukraine, so it is up to our people to choose for themselves where they should live,” said the lawmaker. According to Berdichevsky, the people of Donbass, who believed that the Ukrainian authorities had common sense, should now understand that they are facing a Nazi state, which aims to destroy the people of Donbass.

Earlier in his interview with Dom TV on Thursday, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said it was a big mistake to stay in Donbass for citizens who consider themselves Russians and advised them to go to Russia.


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