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Voters move from COVID to economy – Reuters poll

A phrase once coined by Democrats during the Bill Clinton era – and later echoed by former President Donald Trump – again seems relevant when it comes to attracting voters. ASSET. MARCH 29, 2018: “You know the expression, of, I guess it was Bill Clinton! “It’s the economy, idiot! Well, that’s the economy. Americans are increasingly shifting their focus from the pandemic to rising consumer prices and other economic areas – a change that could favor Republicans in midterm elections, according to a Reuters / Ipsos poll on Thursday next year. As COVID-19 continues to claim more than 1,000 deaths a day in the United States, the investigation showed that the country’s fixation on public health has waned since the start of the year. In October, just 12% of adults ranked issues like the coronavirus as a top national priority, up from 20% in February. Meanwhile, a majority of Democrats, Republicans and Independents say “inflation is a very big concern.” adults want leaders to focus on jobs and economic growth, with companies struggling to find workers while millions remain unemployed. It is a radical change in the political landscape in just a year. Joe Biden won the White House and Democrats took control of Congress last year as part of a campaign focused on the pandemic and Trump’s handling of it. match an increase in votes for the Tory candidates who helped Republicans win the Virginia governor’s race this week and lead a surprisingly competitive race in New Jersey. Besides the economy, Republicans like newly elected Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin are increasing GOP participation by clinging to another concern voiced by their base. YOUNGKIN: “And so, on day one, I will ban critical race theory in our schools…” Youngkin has vowed to ban the teaching of “critical race theory,” a legal framework that examines how the racism shapes American laws and policies. BIDEN: “My Build Back Better plan is getting us back on track …” A similar rallying cry for Democrats could be tax hikes for the rich, climate change or limiting access to guns to fire, all important to Democratic voters, the Reuters poll showed.


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