“What he did is inexcusable”, says mom as dad is sentenced for shooting baby boy in the face


JACKSON, MI – The father who shot his then 2-year-old son in the face in 2019 is going to jail.

Michael Glance, 34, was sentenced to 35 years life on three counts of assault with intent to murder and two-year statutory warrant for three counts of firearms in court appearance virtual before Jackson County Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson on Thursday, February 25.

Glance did not plead any context to the charges on December 11 and served 682 days on the gun charges.

Father doesn’t dispute shooting 2-year-old son in the face

Glance shot his young son, Ryker Glance, in the face on April 16, 2019, during an argument with the boy’s mother, Nicole McCarthy, at Glance’s home in the 400 block of Barrett Avenue in Blackman Township . Ryker survived and has had 14 surgeries, with more to come as he grows older, McCarthy said Thursday.

“I am a very caring and compassionate person. But what (Glance) has done is inexcusable, ”said McCarthy. “It’s evil. The fact that he can look his own child in the face and do what he’s done just shows the type of person he is. I think he shouldn’t be able to lead a normal life because Ryker never will.

Retail Blackman-Leoni Township Public Security. Joseph Merritt was the lead investigator in the case and has spent more than 10 years investigating violent crimes, he said Thursday.

“I saw a lot of really horrible things and faced a lot of really horrible things,” Merritt said. “I think it’s the worst thing I’ve ever faced. As a police officer you are supposed to be able to handle this, but there are some things you cannot give up. This is one of those.

Visiting Ryker while he was in the hospital was one of the most difficult things Merritt has ever experienced as a police officer. He said he had an emotional reaction when he saw Ryker lying in a hospital bed with his face held in place by rubber bands.

Ryker had his hand in front of his face when he was shot, which resulted in the loss of some of his fingers, Chief Prosecutor Kati Rezmierski said.

“He’s recently started to notice he’s different,” McCarthy said. “He gets angry, mostly because of his hand. He will get angry and slap his hand because he can’t make it work and doesn’t understand why. He will look at himself in the mirror and point to his face.

Glance was consistent and responded in full sentences during the first police interview with Merritt, he said. During an interview on day two, Glance admitted to shooting Ryker with the intention of killing him, Merritt said.

Glance was found mentally incapable of standing trial on May 22, 2019. A second assessment from the Center for Forensic Psychiatry, dated June 19, 2019, however, determined that the mental illness diagnosed earlier was in fact falsified, the judge said. Jackson District Court, Michael Klaeren. previously.

Man who allegedly shot his 2-year-old son in the face, faked mental illness, report says

Glance also underwent a mental competency exam performed by a doctor hired by his defense team, defense attorney Andrew Kirkpatrick previously said. That exam revealed Glance had mental health issues, under Michigan law he was not legally insane at the time of the assault, Kirkpatrick said.

“I’m not trying to apologize for his behavior, but there are reasons that played into it,” Kirkpatrick said Thursday. “I don’t think it was an individual who just woke up one morning with a clear mind, no mental issues and said, ‘Today I’m going to kill my 2 year old and the mother of my 2 year old. ‘ I think he broke.

Glance apologized on the sentencing, saying he had mental health issues at the time and didn’t know how it got worse.

“I love my son with all my heart,” he said. “It’s the truth,” Glance said. “What I did was wrong. Every day I suffer. I live with great pain. My soul suffers every day with fire and feelings that no one should have to feel. I want you to know that I am so sorry and this should never have happened.

During the shooting, Glance kissed his son, then pointed a gun at the boy’s head and pulled the trigger while he was in a car seat, Wilson said during the sentencing. The gun stuck and didn’t fire, giving McCarthy time to get between Glance and Ryker, Wilson said.

Father intentionally shot 2-year-old boy in the face, prosecutors say

Glance then pulled away from the van and McCarthy tried to pull away but couldn’t get it to start, Wilson said. At that point, she saw Glance come back with another weapon, Wilson said, adding that Glance then shot Ryker, hitting his hand and head.

Glance then attempted to shoot McCarthy as she tried to get to safety with her son, but a neighbor was able to help them escape, Wilson said previously.

“My son has to live every day, not like normal children,” McCarthy said tearfully. “He doesn’t have half of his hand, his face will never be normal.”

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