West violates Minsk-2 by promising military aid to Ukraine – Russian foreign ministry – world


MOSCOW, November 17. / TASS /. Western countries are violating the Minsk accords by saying they are ready to send their military and provide arms to Ukraine, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday in a statement. press conference.

“Unfortunately, we have to say that the warmongering of Kiev is receiving support from the United States and its NATO allies. They are stepping up their efforts to increase their presence in Ukraine and the Black Sea region in military terms,” she declared.

“From European countries one can hear statements that they are ready to move additional troops to Ukraine, although the package of measures to implement the Minsk agreements, in particular paragraph 10, requires the withdrawal of all military units, equipment and mercenaries from Ukraine under OSCE observation It turns out that not only Kiev, but also Western countries violate the Minsk agreements, ”she said.

The United States and its allies staged an unscheduled exercise in the Black Sea in early November.

“It was a staged provocation in pursuit of an obvious goal – to send a message to Kiev that its aggressive policies are supported. In this way, NATO directly involves Kiev, and it does all of them. possible ways, in its plans for containment of Russia. Unfortunately, the authorities in Kiev are still unaware that their country is being used. The West does not regard their country as a sovereign state. It is treated as an instrument ” , she said.

NATO statements on improved combat readiness in the Black Sea region, Zakharova said, “are made with the aim of covering up or excusing its own actions and preparations.”

Moscow, she recalled, calls on Western partners to refrain from fueling tensions, which have serious consequences for regional security and stability.

Situation in Ukraine

Zakharova said the OSCE Special Observation Mission has recorded a dramatic increase in ceasefire violations in Ukraine. In October, there were around 6,000 cases, while in the first week of November, more than 8,000, Zakharova said.

“The Ukrainian army is systematically bombing the civilian infrastructure of Donbass, primarily gas, electricity and water supply facilities. It is also bombing educational establishments. In fact, she never stopped doing it. be killed or injured. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of reconnaissance drone flights. All of this indicates that the Kiev authorities are preparing to attempt to deal with the conflict in eastern Ukraine by force, ”Zakharova said.

In breach of their obligations under the Minsk agreements, she stressed, the Ukrainian authorities approve decisions that have not been discussed with Donetsk and Lugansk. For example, the draft law on “State policy of the transitional period” effectively ruins the Minsk agreements, which in practice will amount to Ukraine’s withdrawal from the agreement and the failure of the whole negotiation process ”.


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