‘Ukrainian politicians use verbal gymnastics’: Lavrov slams Russian-phobic rhetoric from Kiev – world



MOSCOW, September 1. / TASS /. Ukrainian politicians indulge in verbal gymnastics, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday, adding that their remarks on various historical topics, as well as the fact that President Vladimir Zelensky said that Russian gas was “the dirtiest in the world “were due to their lack of intelligence.

“[Our] Ukrainian colleagues are now practicing verbal gymnastics: one day they believe that Rus is their original name. […] The next day, they believe that the baptism of Russia is a truly Ukrainian holiday, and so on. It’s sad. President Zelensky himself makes a few remarks that our gas is the dirtiest in the world. In short, it stems from a lack of intelligence, to be honest, ”Lavrov insisted.

The senior diplomat noted that Kiev is guided by the desire to maintain and artificially intensify Russophobic rhetoric and like-minded activities “in order to artificially maintain the position of support of the West for the Ukrainian regime.”

“This regime seeks to play on the West’s obvious intention to use all kinds of methods and all kinds of actions to unbalance Russia, destabilize it, distract it from solving the most important issues we face. ., and, probably, to inhibit our foreign policy somewhat, “Lavrov continued.” The Ukrainian regime’s bet on this is obvious to everyone. After supporting it once, the West is not not quite comfortable rejecting this offer instantly. yet. “

During her meeting with US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm in Washington, Zelensky claimed that Russian gas is “the dirtiest in the world” due to allegedly large methane emissions during extraction and transportation, as well. that due to “corruption, blackmail and manipulation.”

According to the Ukrainian operator of the gas transit system, the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine fell to 55.8 cubic meters in 2020, which is the lowest number in 30 years. This means that the Ukrainian gas transit system is loaded less than 30%.


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