Ukrainian opposition politician says arrest cannot hinder Moscow-Kiev talks – world


KIEV, December 5. / TASS /. Viktor Medvedchuk, head of Ukraine’s Opposition Platform for Life party, said he did not believe his arrest would make talks between Moscow and Kiev impossible.

“The interests of relations between countries can be placed neither above nor below the interests of an individual. In addition, I support such contacts and the development of relations between Russia and Ukraine. have always and will support them, despite the fact that the Ukrainian authorities are conducted illegally towards me, carrying out illegal criminal prosecutions and political repressions, ”he said in an interview with Russian TV channel Zvezda, published Sunday on the official party website.

He stressed that the two states must have direct talks. “[Ukraine’s President Vladimir] Zelensky must speak with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, but not to defeat a war between Russia and Ukraine because there has never been such a war, no one has ever declared it. Yes, combat operations are underway in Donbass and Mr. Zelensky is to meet and speak directly with representatives of Donbass. Why am I supporting his dialogue with the Russian president? I think we must restore Russian-Ukrainian relations, first of all resuming pragmatic economic relations, which have been completely ruined. It is necessary to spare no effort to persuade Russia and its President Vladimir Putin to offer their assistance in Zelensky’s direct talks with Donbass on the implementation of the Minsk accords, “Medvedchuk said.

Zelensky said earlier that he could not stop the armed conflict in the Donbass without direct talks with Russia.

Medvedchuk is currently under house arrest. He faces criminal charges of high treason, violating the laws and customs of war and assisting terrorist organizations.


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