Ukrainian authorities are responsible for making Ukraine the poorest state in Europe – Putin – world



MOSCOW, July 12. / TASS /. It is the Ukrainian rulers, who squandered the achievements of many generations, who are responsible for transforming Ukraine into the poorest state in Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an article titled On historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians, published on the Kremlin website. website Monday.

“According to IMF data, Ukraine’s GDP per capita was less than $ 4,000 in 2019, even before the coronavirus outbreak. It is below the level of the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Moldova and unrecognized Kosovo. Ukraine is now the poorest state in Europe, “he added. Putin pointed out.

“Who is to blame for this? Are the Ukrainian people responsible for this? Of course not. It is the Ukrainian authorities who squandered the achievements of many generations,” said the Russian president.

Ukraine and Russia have developed as one economic system for centuries, Putin said. According to him, today the Member States of the European Union would envy the depth of cooperation that existed 30 years ago.

“We are natural and complementary economic partners. Such a close interrelation can strengthen the competitive advantages and multiply the potential of the two countries”, underlined the Russian leader.

Ukraine’s potential was considerable and included powerful infrastructure, a gas distribution network, advanced shipbuilding, aeronautics and rocket industries, instrument manufacturing sector, and science, design and development schools. world-class engineering. Logically, Ukrainian leaders made a commitment after obtaining this legacy that the national economy would play a leading role and that the standard of living would be among the highest in Europe, Putin said.

“Today, however, the giants of industrial technology that Ukraine was once proud of and the country as a whole are half alive. Over the past ten years, engineering production has fallen by 42%. the whole can be judged by the production of electricity which has in fact halved in 30 years “, declared the Russian president.

Old feelings

Speaking about the diligence and talents of the Ukrainian people, Putin stressed, however, that these people have the ability to achieve success with perseverance and steadfastness, exceptional results and that these qualities together with openness, natural optimism and hospitality remained among the Ukrainians.

“The feelings of millions of people, who treat Russia not just well but with a lot of love, remain the same and resemble the way we treat Ukraine,” said the Russian president.

As an example, Putin recalled that before 2014, hundreds of agreements and joint projects were in force to develop the economies of the two countries, trade and cultural ties, strengthen security and solve social and environmental problems. common which have brought notable benefits to people.

“This is what we considered to be the essential. And this is why, we have interacted fruitfully with all, let me stress this, with all the leaders of Ukraine. Even after the well-known events of Kiev in 2014, I instructed the Russian government to consider contacts between relevant ministries and departments in order to preserve and maintain our economic ties, ”Putin said.

Unfortunately, “there was no reciprocal will, and she is also absent now,” said the Russian leader.

“Nevertheless, Russia is still among Ukraine’s top three trading partners while hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians come to Russia to earn money and find hospitality and support here. so-called “aggressor country”, “Putin said.


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