Ukraine plans to host EuroBasket: where new arenas will be built in Kiev, Lvov and Dnipro

New arenas for EuroBasket in Ukraine / FBU

Ukraine has requested to host the European Basketball Championship in 2025. To do this, you need to build two new arenas.

Ukraine have applied for the matches of the group stage and the finals. However, this requires the construction of at least two new sports arenas. For group round matches, the hall capacity should be at least 10,000 seats and for the final match at least 15,000. The Ukrainian Basketball Federation has identified two cities that will qualify for them. Eurobasket 2025 matches: Kiev and Lvov.

The largest hall, which will host the final stage, is due to be built in Kiev. Another is in Lviv. But they decided to build an arena in Dnipro, which will be a spare city.

There is a place in Kiev, a beautiful place on Nikolskaya Slobodka near the IEC, closer to the Dnieper. Luxurious hall for 15,000, concert hall for 25,000. This will be presented to the commission with the guarantee that we will be finished in 2024. The second hall will be in Lviv. Why Lviv? Because the city will then orient itself towards the Olympic Games. Sadovy was given a seat right next to the stadium (“Arena Lviv” – about 24 channels). We have Dnipro as a reserve city. A place has been allocated to it on the left bank. Also in the plans is the reconstruction of “Meteor”. First of all, the Regional Council is dealing with the matter there. There will be a hall with an ice rink for 8,000 spectators,
– said the president of the Basketball Federation of Ukraine Mikhail Brodsky.

These sports arenas should be built before December 1, 2024. EuroBasket 2025 will take place in September 2025. The tournament will be held in four countries which will host the matches of the group stage. And one of them – subsequently the play-offs.

Ukraine’s competitors for the right to host EuroBasket 2025 are Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Latvia and Russia. At the same time, Finland and Cyprus claim only for the matches of the group stage, while the rest (Ukraine, in particular) – for the matches of the group stage and the final stage.

“If we don’t get EuroBasket now, then all arenas will be built the same, and we will apply to EuroBasket-2029 with arenas already built. In addition, there is a women’s championship, a junior championship. I was even ready to play an intercontinental cup in Kiev. We only need one room, ”Brodsky noted.

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