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The diplomatic “detente” in US-French relations, the elections in Germany, the sudden “rupture” within the Spanish People’s Party and a strange assassination attempt in Ukraine are some of the key topics in the international press.

For Biden – Macron: The diplomatic crisis that erupted between Paris and Washington over the AUKUS defense agreement, namely Australia’s decision to cancel a contract to purchase French submarines in favor of American nuclear submarines, seems to be easing. and Emanuel Macron – on the initiative of the first, as the Elysee was quick to clarify in advance. The two leaders even intend to meet “in Europe in October”, reports Politico.

According to the joint statement, Biden and Macron agreed that “open communication between allies” before the announcement of AUKUS would help “to avoid this situation” and decided to “start a substantive consultation process” to establish the conditions. which will “guarantee confidence”. At the same time, Biden recognized the need for “a stronger and more effective European defense” both for transatlantic security and in addition to the “role of NATO” and pledged to step up his support for European counterterrorism operations in the Sahel. The United States has not offered an apology for what the French foreign minister called a “stab,” and the “substantive consultations” that are underway are theoretically routine among the allies of the United States. NATO, in a spirit of reconciliation, but Macron decided to return to the French ambassador. , who was recalled with the French ambassador to Australia last Friday, reports FT.

But as Joe Biden ousts Emmanuel Macron, the British Prime Minister has poured fuel on the fire, telling France to more or less “pull away” and “do him a favor” by arguing that AUKUS was “essentially a big step”. towards global security ”. In fact, the way Boris Johnson said one day after meeting Joe Biden in New York was particularly provocative: “I think it’s time for some of our dearest friends around the world to ‘grab a grip’.” , ‘give me a break’, “he said, deliberately putting French verbs into English expressions. Following this, and according to two diplomatic sources from Reuters, Paris was ordered to immediately limit all contacts with Great Britain, Politico notes.

For the EU – USA: At the same time, the EU announced a new partnership with the United States on vaccines and drugs related to Covid 19. Both partners have pledged to provide 500 million doses to the EU and the United States. 1.1 billion doses in poor third countries, reports FT. .

Meanwhile, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is under pressure from Commissioners and some European countries to announce today that the EU-US trade and technology summit scheduled for September 29 in Pittsburgh will proceed as normal. otherwise, the Union risks losing what it has already negotiated with Washington.

In Germany: Merkel’s “successor” candidate Olaf Soltz is leading opinion polls ahead of Sunday’s election, Politico reports. In fact, it seems nothing “scares him” as he has overcome the pitfall of recent and hugely important scandals involving the finance ministry, which he heads.

At the same time, however, Armin Lasset’s Christian Union is recovering, reducing the gap with the SPD to the limits of statistical error. In yesterday’s poll for the “trend barometer” of the “RTL / ntv” channels, the SPD maintains 25% of the previous week. The conservative CDU / CSU improves its position by one unit to 22%. The other parties remain in the same percentages: the Greens of Analena Berbok 17%, the center-left Liberals (FDP) 11%, and the far-right AfD, while the Left (Die Linke) remains at 6 % During months. In this poll by the “forsa” institute and in the personal comparison of candidates for chancellor, Olaf Solz obtains 29% and is well ahead of his opponents, Armin Lasset with 14% and Analena Berbok with 16%.

In Spain: An internal rupture was caused within the main opposition party in Spain after the recent decision of the mayor of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Agiuso, to claim the leadership of the Popular Party, according to the FT. And with elections slated for late 2023, Agiosso, who won the Madrid election this year with far-right backing, wants to enter the central political arena directly, supplanting the current party leader, 40. – old Pablo Casado. He called for an immediate congress to take over the party presidency. Cassado resisted, saying he did not support his candidacy or the prospect of a People’s Party congress. The clash of the two old friends is significant as it hits the party at a critical time, when it has seen a popular rise against the ruling socialist. However, if things don’t change and the People’s Party loses in the election, then Agiosso will surely claim his leadership. Kasado has already lost two elections. Agiosso recalled it the other day “when we have someone who can win the elections, we will all succeed together”. The internal conflict is currently only good news for the country’s prime minister, Pedro Sanchez.

In Ukraine: An unsuccessful assassination attempt against Ukrainian President’s top adviser Volodymyr Zelensky took place yesterday, with the Kiev government hinting that it was linked to a political battle with criminal organizations and corruption circles, including the oligarchs of the country. The car of Serhiy Sefir, a collaborator and old friend of the Ukrainian president, was shot 10 times as it drove through the village of Lesniki near the capital. The driver was hit three times and taken to hospital where he underwent surgery. Sefir was not affected by the blaze, which originated in a wooded area along the main road. So far, no suspect has been arrested. Moscow, which is at odds with Ukraine over Crimea and the separatists in the southeast of the country, has denied any involvement. Zelensky interrupted his trip to New York and rushed to Kiev shortly after addressing the United Nations General Assembly. “Honestly, I don’t know who is behind it,” he said in a video shortly after the attack. “Those responsible can be from inside or outside the country. But I don’t consider them strong, because sending me a message by pulling my friend’s car from a forest shows weakness ”.

For Libya: The path to his candidacy for the presidency of the country, in the elections which will probably be held in December, was opened yesterday by the strongman of the East Libyan, General Khalifa Haftar, by announcing that he is leaving his military service to three months, DW Reports. In a statement, the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Haftar, said Haftar had been assigned to his post for the next three months: his temporary departure would last until December 24, election day. Two weeks ago, a controversial electoral law was passed in Libya that allowed him to run for president and resume office if he is not elected.

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