Streamers and marauders: it is dangerous to return to the Kyiv region

    Banners and marauders: it is dangerous to return to the Kyiv region

Despite the fact that the kyiv region was liberated from the Russian army, local residents are still not recommended to return home. The occupants left a lot of stretch marks and pitfalls, said kyiv OVA chief Oleksandr Pavlyuk.

“Around 11,000 munitions have been defused this week alone. These are unexploded mines, and set traps, stretch marks. Many “surprises” that the Russians leave us in the cities where they come from. This must be checked very carefully. Only after that can we allow people to access their facilities,” Pavlyuk said.

He also noted that those returning home will be allowed through checkpoints, but authorities are not guaranteeing security.

Pavlyuk advises not to rush home. He also said that in order to prevent looting and safeguard civilian property, around 600 police officers from other regions are involved in round-the-clock monitoring.

He added that in most cases, among the looters are local residents who know who is gone. They try to enter other people’s houses, but the police hold them back.

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