South Korean Foreign Ministry sends officials to Kyiv embassy

Amid rising geopolitical tensions, the Foreign Ministry announced on Saturday that three staff members will be dispatched to South Korea’s embassy in Ukraine to create emergency preparedness for the Korean people in the country.

The decision was taken after Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong virtually met with the heads of South Korean diplomatic missions in Russia, Ukraine and other countries the day before, amid growing tensions between Moscow and Kyiv. .

The Korean Embassy in Ukraine also intends to hold discussions with Korean citizens and businesses, as well as update information on modes of transportation and land evacuation routes on its website. South Koreans in Ukraine have been encouraged to flee to safer areas in the near future, but international flights continue to operate normally from seven airports in six cities.

About 440 Koreans currently reside in Ukraine, most of them based in Kyiv, the capital, and other cities in the interior of the country. The ministry encouraged Korean nationals in 15 regions of southern, eastern and northern Ukraine to leave the country as soon as possible due to the growing possibility of a Russian military intervention earlier this week.

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