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“Everyone cried”: Haitians in mourning bury their dead a week after the earthquake

Families gathered in villages in southwest Haiti over the weekend for church and funeral services a week after an earthquake struck the region, killing more than 2,200 people and destroying dozens of thousands of buildings. The collapse of churches in some of the hardest-hit towns and villages of the impoverished Caribbean nation has left locals crying in the open.

Ukraine sanctions MP accused of interfering in US elections

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Sunday signed an executive order imposing sanctions on Andriy Derkach, the Ukrainian lawmaker accused by the United States of being a Russian agent and of interfering in the American elections, the presidential office said.

The sanctions include an asset freeze, a ban on capital withdrawals, revocation of Derkach’s licenses, restrictions on its transfer of resources of any kind and other measures.

Egypt to close Rafah crossing point with Gaza from Monday

Egypt will close the Rafah crossing point on its border with the Gaza Strip until further notice on Monday, Egyptian security sources said. Hamas, the Palestinian faction that controls Gaza, said it had been informed by Egypt of the decision to close the crossing in both directions, without giving details.

In Spain, the Afghan basketball star fears for the country she left

As she began a new life in Spain after escaping the chaos of Kabul, Nilofar Bayat said on Sunday that she could not live under the Taliban, who she said will undo all of Afghanistan’s achievements over the years. Last 20 years. The captain of the Afghan wheelchair basketball team arrived in Madrid on a flight from Kabul on Friday with her husband Ramesh Naik Zai, 27, and more than 100 other refugees.

US hires commercial airlines to help move evacuees from Afghanistan

The United States has requested assistance from six commercial airlines to help transport people after their evacuation from Afghanistan as Washington seeks to speed up the pace of departures of at-risk Americans and Afghans from Kabul. The Pentagon said on Sunday it called in 18 civilian planes from United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air and others to transport people from temporary locations after they land on flights from Afghanistan, relying on the industry he last used during the Iraq war in 2003.

Anti-Taliban leader Massoud wants to talk but ready to fight

Ahmad Massoud, leader of the last major Afghan outpost of the anti-Taliban resistance, said on Sunday that he hoped to have peaceful talks with the Islamist movement which seized power in Kabul a week ago but that its forces were ready to fight. “We want to make the Taliban understand that the only way forward is negotiation,” he told Reuters by phone from his stronghold in the Panjshir valley northwest of Kabul, where he has assembled composite forces. remnants of regular army and special forces units. as well as fighters from the local militia.

Rising prices and closing banks add to Kabul’s misery

A week after the Taliban’s lightning strike of Kabul, a growing number of people in the Afghan capital face a daily struggle to cope with their jobs disappearing, banks still closed and food prices rising. The thousands of people gathered outside the airport entry points and fighting for seats on flights departing from Kabul provided the most vivid picture of the unrest in the city since the fall of the government-backed government. the West.

Kamala Harris heads to Singapore to deepen ties and counter Chinese influence

US Vice President Kamala Harris will meet with Singapore leaders on Monday, the first working day of a trip to Southeast Asia aimed at strengthening ties as part of Washington’s efforts to counter China’s growing influence. Harris will meet Singapore President Halimah Yacob and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, then tour Changi Naval Base and visit the USS Tulsa, a US Navy combat ship.

Turkey strengthens border to block wave of Afghan migrants

Afghans who manage to cross Iran on foot to the Turkish border face a three-meter-high wall, ditches or barbed wire as Turkish authorities step up efforts to block any influx of refugees into the country. The strengthening of border measures in Turkey, which already hosts nearly 4 million Syrian refugees and is a step for many migrants trying to reach Europe, began when the Taliban began to advance in Afghanistan and took control from Kabul last week.

The United States “steadfast” in evacuations in Afghanistan, says Biden; Taliban push back crowds at airport

The United States has an “unwavering commitment” to ensuring that American citizens and at-risk Afghans move to safety outside Afghanistan, President Joe Biden said, as Taliban fighters pushed back thousands of people desperate to flee on Sunday in front of Kabul airport. Biden said the security situation in Afghanistan was changing rapidly and his administration had no illusions about the threat from ISIS militants in Afghanistan, known as ISIS-K (for Khorasan).

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