Possible end scenarios for the war in Ukraine – Chico Enterprise-Record

There are three possible scenarios for the end of the war against Ukraine. First, the US/NATO will continue to supply arms to kyiv, which will escalate the war, spread it to NATO countries and/or kyiv will attack the Kerch Bridge, and lead to involvement (more ) direct from USA/NATO. (The “end” result will be “nuclear war”.) Second, the United States is succeeding in its goal of using sanctions to smash the Russian economy and bring about “regime change,” with the arrival of a pro-Western regime (like that of Boris Yeltsin). in power in the Kremlin. (It will not happen.)

Third, the domestic “political reaction” (reactions to recession, runaway inflation, ever-higher gas prices, layoffs, wage cuts, etc.) in the West to the US/NATO/EU plan to “break the Russian economy” will create political crises in every NATO country. These developments will force the ruling and governing elites in Europe to dissociate themselves from the so-called “NATO unity”, while “promoting” a negotiated resolution to the war, including acceptance of Russia’s territorial gains and neutrality. of Ukraine “rump”. (It would be a historic defeat for US global hegemonic aspirations, and not easily accepted by Washington.)

As for this last option, a “political backlash” is already brewing in Europe. Examples include: Macron’s political downgrading at the expense of Melenchon and LePen; a majority of Germans now support negotiations to end the war; and, the disappearance of Boris Johnson. These developments (and many more pending) are underscored by increasing protests and organized strikes by workers across Western Europe to worsen economic conditions.

—George Wright, Chico

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