Orbacam adds music video creation tools to its pocket music sequencer


Not content with putting your feet in the water with its intuitive musical sequencer intended for amateur musicians, Artiphon today announced an application which adds video prowess to the Orba’s already impressive feature set. Calling on your indoor video jockey, Orbacam demonstration video makes it easy, by adding video filters and effects to your visual creative activities.

The idea of ​​Orbacam is to create fast and easy videos which Artiphon calls “Musical Selfies”. The results of the videos are fun, colorful, and highly shareable music videos that automatically sync with whatever you play on the Orba. The app turns the already social magnet of a musical instrument into a perfect companion for Instagram Stories, TikTok or Snap creative activities.

Orbicam in action

Orbicam in action. Image credits: Artiphon

“We believe that music is always a multisensory experience and we designed Orbacam as an auditory, visual and tactile experience that anyone can play immediately,” said Mike Butera, CEO and founder of Artiphon. “We’ve seen the power of syncing music with social content, but almost all of it is just pasting someone else’s song onto your video. Now people can create music videos that are all their own. “

With Orbacam, the company has made music creation easier. What’s new is the ability to incorporate visual effects into the video export, without having to do any additional music mixing, audio routing, or post-production.

The app also lets you use the microphone that’s connected to your phone – or the one that’s built into your phone – to sing along or beatbox to your liking to the music you create. It also gives users the option to import videos and photos from the phone’s camera roll.

For armchair musicians, the Orba eliminates some frightening aspects of musical creation. Part synthesizer, part looper, part MIDI controller, the palm-sized digital grapefruit has already made music creation easy and intuitive. More impressive still, Orba wasn’t even the company’s first move to create some weird and wonderful music creation tools. In 2015, the company pre-sold for $ 1.3 million worth of the musical instrument INSTRUMENT 1.

Always on the lookout for creative material products to bring to market, we keep an eye on Artiphon. The Orba first saw the light of day after a $ 1.4 million Kickstarter campaign, in the same way an injection of money from, among others, Warner Music. We thought it was fun to play with when it was launched Last year. We’re excited to see the company add a companion app with more features, extending its usefulness beyond the slightly fancy, albeit relatively affordable, offering.

If you already own an Orba, the free app is available at Artiphon today. If you don’t, you can pick up the Orba for $ 100 from several resellers, or directly from Artiphon.

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