Newspaper Wrap: COVID-19 Vaccination Warrants Spread In United States As Delta Variant Rises


Judy Woodruff:

Meanwhile, an explosion in Kabul apparently targeted the acting defense minister. He was not injured, but at least six other people were killed, including four armed men.

A Belarusian exile was found hanged today near his home in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Vitaly Shishov led a group helping people fleeing the authoritarian government in Belarus. Ukrainian police said they were investigating the death as a possible murder staged to look like suicide.

A major forest fire is burning on the outskirts of Athens, Greece this evening, forcing thousands to flee their homes. Water tankers and helicopters attempted to drown the flames today. Huge clouds of smoke rose as the fire spread. The blaze is fueling one of the country’s worst heat waves in decades.

On Wall Street, stocks made modest gains as investors kept an eye on how the new pandemic restrictions might affect the economy. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 278 points to close at 35116. The Nasdaq rose 80 points. The S&P 500 added 36.

And at the Summer Olympics, an American star returned to competition. Gymnast Simone Biles won bronze on beam after taking time off from other events to focus on her sanity.

And in the pole vault, American Chris Nilsen won silver, while Sweden won gold.

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