Kiev’s claims of zero tolerance against Nazism contradicted by reality – Russian diplomat



Ukraine’s claims that a zero tolerance policy against Nazism does not match the situation on the ground, Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe told Sputni (OSCE) Maxim Buyakevich.

VIENNA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – May 3, 2021) Ukraine’s claims about the establishment of a zero tolerance policy against Nazism do not match the situation on the ground, Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Maxim Buyakevich told Sputnik.

Last week, around 100 people marched through central Kiev to mark the 77th anniversary of the famous SS Galicia Division, a World War II Nazi infantry division made up mostly of Ukrainian volunteers. Similar marches took place earlier in the Ukrainian city of Lviv.

According to the Russian official, the Ukrainian permanent representative claimed that the country had zero tolerance for Nazi ideology at the last meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council.

“We had to point the finger at the recent fan march of the SS Galicia division and say [while] the propaganda slogans about zero tolerance against nazism in Ukraine are all good, they go against what is happening on the ground.

And the facts are that the police are covering and even protecting the neo-Nazis marching through the very heart of the Ukrainian capital, ”Buyakevich said.

The Russian diplomat noted that Ukraine had nothing to answer and also accused the Western partners of turning a blind eye to this issue.

The SS Galicia Division – a military unit that included more than 80,000 volunteers from the Ukrainian region of Galicia – was formed on April 28, 1943 to oppose the Soviet Union, which began to make major advances against Germany. Nazi and its allies in the East. Front of World War 2. Division personnel committed numerous atrocities in the territory of the Soviet Union and Poland.

The division existed until mid-1944 when it suffered heavy casualties at the Battle of Brody in a major Red Army offensive to expel Nazi forces from the Ukraine and the east of Poland.

Russia, Israel and several other countries have consistently condemned nationalist marches and rallies in Ukraine.


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