Kiev crosses red lines separating national politics from nationalism, Russian diplomat says – world



MOSCOW, August 5. / TASS /. Kiev’s national politics have turned into nationalism, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on Telegram on Thursday, commenting on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s statement that residents of Donbas who consider themselves Russians should move to Russia.

“The Kiev regime has crossed all the red lines that separate a national policy from nationalism. It will have a bad end. We must learn the lessons of history, otherwise history will repeat itself,” she said. adding that in the future some might demand that Zelensky leave the country.

Zakharova stressed that instead of uniting the multiethnic people of Ukraine, Zelensky sows discord. “It was the people he is now forcing out of the country who ensured his electoral victory, that is to say the Russian speakers of the south-east, the south and the center of Ukraine. Instead of holding his promise to establish peace, Zelensky is trying to get rid of his constituents who saw him break his word, “noted the Russian diplomat.

Zakharova noted that “although it is acceptable that some outside powers and foreigners in high-ranking positions in Kiev rule the country, Ukrainian citizens are denied the right to identify with their ancestral homeland.” “If Zelensky wants those who consider themselves to be Russians to leave the country, he should go all the way and suggest those who dream of joining the EU and NATO to do the same,” he said. Russian diplomat.

According to the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Zelensky is paving the way for the surrender of Ukrainian sovereignty by repeating remarks on the need to end the imaginary occupation of the Donbass amid Kiev’s attempts to ” join the European Union and NATO.

Zelensky said earlier in an interview with Dom TV that people who saw themselves as Russians were making a big mistake by staying in Donbass because “it will never be part of Russia”.


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