Kiev continues ‘crass imitation’ of Donbass ceasefire talks – Russian envoy – world


MOSCOW, December 10. / TASS /. During the emergency meeting of the Contact Group on Reconciliation in Eastern Ukraine, the Kyiv delegation demonstrated only a “gross imitation” of efforts to strengthen the ceasefire, said the permanent representative of Russia to the Contact Group, Boris Gryzlov.

“After the break, requested yesterday by Ukraine to study the significant proposals of Donetsk and Lugansk and to prepare a reciprocal document, the Ukrainian delegation once again demonstrated its incompetence. The representatives of Kiev continued to roughly imitate the negotiations, persistently dodging all attempts to coordinate with Donetsk and Lugansk any practical decisions regarding the current challenges of ceasefire observance, “he said.

The contact group continued its discussions on Thursday to address the Donbass initiatives, but the Ukrainian side made “absolutely absurd proposals,” Gryzlov said.

“Kiev presented a draft declaration, containing absolutely absurd proposals,” he said. “A clear example is the initiative of the Ukrainian delegation to reform the Joint Control and Coordination Center by the end of the day, including Germany and France. Despite the reasoning of the Donbass delegation, the Ukrainian representatives insisted on this ridiculous proposal, showing complete disregard. for the lives of their citizens on both sides of the contact line. “

“Under these circumstances, Donetsk, Lugansk and the OSCE considered it impossible to continue negotiations,” Gryzlov continued. “We understand the decision.”

Donetsk’s review

A similar position was expressed by the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), whose Foreign Ministry said Kiev had broken its promises and made absurd proposals.

“To our deep regret, the emergency contact group meeting produced no results,” the ministry said on its Telegram channel. “Ukraine has not kept any of the promises it made yesterday.”

“We became absolutely convinced that their plans were in no way linked to the “effective maintenance of the ceasefire”. Their only interest was the very fact of an emergency meeting, so that they had something to report to their Western bosses, to inform them of the attempts to “negotiate peace”.

According to the ministry, the Ukrainian delegation presented a draft declaration containing “nothing but absurd, stillborn proposals and vague wording”.

Wednesday’s Contact Group meeting continued for eight hours. After the talks, Russian plenipotentiary representative of the Contact Group on Ukraine Boris Gryzlov said Kiev had requested a day to respond to the ceasefire proposals put forward by the Donbass. Among the proposals made on December 2 by representatives of the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk included the disavowal of Kiev’s statements on the procedure for opening fire on its own decision as well as the use of drones in the Donbass.

Since July 27, 2020, additional measures to control the ceasefire have been in effect in the Donbass. Under the agreement, the warring parties in the Donbass are prohibited from conducting offensive and reconnaissance operations, operating any type of aircraft, opening fire and deploying heavy weapons in populated localities. However, despite the agreements, the Donbass conflict began to escalate at the end of February. Intense clashes resumed on the contact line, resulting in deaths and injuries on both sides. On October 13, the situation was further exacerbated after Kiev forces captured the representative of the LPR office at the Joint Control and Coordination Center.


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