Kiev bears responsibility for threat of military operations in Donbass, says ex-Ukrainian president – world


KIEV, November 22. / TASS /. Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych believes that Kiev bears responsibility for the conflict in Donbass which has turned into large-scale hostilities.

“If we compare the current situation in Donbass to that which existed a year ago, it is clear that it has deteriorated considerably,” Yanukovych reported on Monday on the occasion of the anniversary of the events. tragic events of Maidan in Kiev. Moreover, according to him, “it seems that today it is not a question of knowing how to ensure a ceasefire, but of much more serious threats, namely how to avoid an escalation of the conflict into hostilities of large scale “.

“Where is the peace promised by both the Maidan authorities and the one who replaced it?” After all, in 2019 the people were promised that the war would be over and that corruption, social injustice, lawlessness, etc. used those promises to come to power, “Yanukovych said on his Facebook page.

According to the former president, the Minister of Defense Alexeï Reznikov who, before this appointment, had engaged, among other things, in the return of the Donbass to Ukraine, announced that “it is not necessary to idealize the agreements. of Minsk, they were left out as a legacy. “” In turn, Washington would have given the green light that it would have no objection to participating in the search for a new format, just like Berlin and Paris ” , Yanukovych continued.

“And what about Russia? Perhaps the new minister thinks that the new negotiating format is likely to be implemented without Russian participation. He may think that this idea has prospects, but I think Washington, Berlin and Paris think the opposite, “he added. concluded.


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