“If history suits another” Nuremberg “, I will not waver”: near kyiv, the occupier worker was known

An illustrative photo taken by Vidkrit Dzherel

After Katyuzhanka arrived near kyiv, the school got to know one of the Russian military service students. Radio Liberty talks about it.

The occupier, perhaps an officer, should think about how to invade, starting with describing the 13th birch – if the Russian army paid off the territory of the village and entrenched in the school.

It infuriates that nobody tells the truth about the losses, about the reality of the hostilities, I only hear that “Our cause is just, the victory will be ours!” Is this the right thing to do? Go up to a foreign country and bomb its cities?

I sche tsіkava quote a student:

We wanted a blitzkrieg, but in the end… we sat on the fifth point. There is a feeling that history will call our actions the second Hitlerism and organize another “Nuremberg”, I will not squirm, it’s my fault, I was, I fought, I’m sorry! What happened to the perpetrator is unknown.

BAG guessing that terrible blows from the disoccupation of Bucha, Gostomel and Irpin struck the whole world cried out internationally overwhelmed by the atrocities of the Russians. Fraternal graves with hundreds of dead Ukrainians have been found in the formidable territories of the Kyiv region. Hundreds of people became occupiers just in the streets.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga

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