Government official cheated nearly 30,000 RM into non-existent loan scheme


PORT DICKSON: A 33-year-old civil servant was swindled out of nearly RM 30,000 in a non-existent loan program here, OCPD district superintendent Aidi Sham Mohamad said.

He said the victim came across an ad on Facebook and decided to apply for a RM40,000 personal loan.

“However, a male suspect he was corresponding with asked the victim to bank money that was supposed to be used as fees to process his claim, for insurance payment, legal fees and miscellaneous.

“The victim followed the instructions and put the money in the bank in stages in three separate accounts,” he said in a statement.

After cashing out RM 29,721, the victim was asked to pay another RM 25,000 which was supposed to be the final treatment fee.

Superintendent Aidi Sham said the victim was also told that if he refused to do so, she would be blacklisted.

“The victim decided not to cash in more money because he realized she was being cheated,” he said, adding that the victim had filed a report on Sunday March 28.

Superintendent Aidi Sham said police were investigating the case under section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

Violators can be jailed for between one and 10 years, whipped and fined.

Separately, Superintendent Aidi Sham said police opened 10 investigative documents related to cheating under non-existent loan programs in the district so far this year, involving RM63,250.

He advised those who wanted to borrow money to do so from financial institutions or approved lenders.

“Don’t be easily swayed by the ads you see on Facebook, the WhatsApp app, or posters offering loans,” he added.

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