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Boris Johnson welcomes the crisis discussion In Afghanistan, with world leaders as Britain pressures the United States to extend their evacuation schedule amid the “disastrous scene” and death at Kabul airport.

The British Prime Minister, as G7 chairman, will hold a discussion tomorrow, including an evacuation arrangement for Westerners and Afghans.

The Pentagon ordered American commercial airlines To help move Afghan refugees from US bases in the Middle East, as President Joe Biden has promised to evacuate all Americans leaving Afghanistan.

At least 20 people have died in and around Kabul International Airport in the past seven days, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) officials said. picture Escape here.

  • What has changed in 20 years? The Taliban’s loss of control in 2001 resulted in lower birth rates, an increase in girls’ education and an increase in mobile phone contracts. Here are 10 tables It shows how living conditions have improved.

  • opinion: The West has paid the price for ignoring the Afghan economy, Martin Sambu writes.. Per capita income has been stable over the past decade and corruption is rampant. Joshua Chaffin argues that it’s hard to imagine Americans supporting other people. Foreign intervention In his lifetime.

“The voices of women who have prospered over the past two decades have yet to be blessed. ” Written by Enuma Okoro..Follow the latest news in Afghanistan

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1. Swedish Prime Minister resigns Stefan Löfven Surprisingly announced He will resign within three months, causing political unrest ahead of next year’s elections. Löfven faced two crises during his seven years in office. With the influx of refugees in 2015 COVID-19[female[feminineDuring this time, Sweden did not have a formal blockade, so it was absurd.

2. Merkel responds to Ukrainian concerns about NordStream2 The pipeline that pumps Russian gas across the Baltic Sea to Western Europe Concerns about KievThis means that if Moscow cuts supply through Ukraine, it will lose $ 2 billion in shipping revenue.

“If Russia uses this pipeline as a weapon, we are looking for new sanctions,” the German Chancellor told the Ukrainian president.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has struck a ceasefire with President Joe Biden’s administration over a project the United States opposed last month © POOL / AFP via Getty Images

3. UK rejects industry visa application for EU truck drivers the minister has was refused The industry wants to allow EU immigrants to close the big gap in the UK labor market for truck drivers. However, Downing Street is happy to consider increasing the training of Brits who wish to become porters.

4. The women members of the FTSE 100 board paid 40% less than the men About the women directors of the UK’s largest company 40 percent That’s less than men, new data shows the gender pay gap is largest among top UK companies.

5. The climate model predicts more frequent extreme heat As greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, heat waves become longer and more intense. The impact can be particularly pronounced in the southern hemisphere. New model show..

Coronavirus digest

  • England Health Minister Sajid Javid said today:cowboyA company that sells coronavirus tests at deceptive prices. Consumers are on the right track Spear head The country’s economic recovery in the third quarter.

  • AstraZeneca Go seek regulatory approval for This cocktail of antibodies After studies showed that the drug reduced the risk of developing symptomatic Covid-19.

  • Movie theater Fixed expectations for the resumption of the “existential” crisis of the slate Delayed blockbuster, The latest James Bond movies and more.

  • Global Stocks Recorded Their worst week Since June, against a backdrop of concerns about the slowdown in the economic recovery and the imminent drop in US stimulus measures.

  • Israel Is this the first country to face the problem of Protection against fading On the third shot from Pfizer’s jab.

The weekly performance bar chart of the FTSE All World Index (%) shows that global equities are suffering the worst week since June.

Follow the coronavirus live Blog When register here for us Coronavirus Business Update Bulletin.

The day before

Vaccination of adolescents in the UK all 16 and 17 years old From today, the first dose will be offered. Health Minister Sajid Javid said the date would give teens two weeks to boost their immunity before the start of the school year.

Economic data Research The number of purchasing managers in France, the euro area, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States shows how the delta variants are affecting the economic recovery. The European Commission also has lightning figures on consumer confidence. (FT, WSJ)

Kamala harris The Vice President of the United States meets with the President and Prime Minister of Singapore and stops at Changi Naval Base. Strengthen relationships With regional partners dominated by China’s economic and political influence. (CNN)

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The post office struggles to recover from the scandal Everything is bad in an establishment with 361 years of history. Faced with intensifying competition and doubts about economic models, state groups Reinvent himself. But we have to face the issue of the scandal which forces the UK government to continue mining hundreds of millions of pounds.

Lunch with FT: Krystsina Tsimanouskaya After a dispute with Belarusian sports officials, officials in the country’s oppressive regime attempted to board a 24-year-old sprinter on a plane returning from the Tokyo Olympics. Tsimanouskaya fled Japan and fled to Poland using a translation app. In Poland, he is currently protected 24 hours a day. That’s what she told FT. About his escape..

“What if I can’t find the police?” Should I break my passport? Do I start to run? ” She remembers.

Not ready for an asynchronous future After our great experience of teleworking during a pandemic, many workers do not want to return to rigidity. The jargon for such flexibility is “asynchronous work”. It is a strange term which is essential to transform our freedom to work, Written by Janina Conboye..

  • What does this mean for the city: The London office is almost abandoned and no one knows how many people will be returning when, but some investors are busy building it. Bet For workspaces in the capital.

Thanks for voting in Thursday’s poll. Seventy-four percent of respondents said they would work from home after the pandemic.

High-profile rape allegations reignite China’s #MeToo movement Pop star and former Alibaba manager Public blame.. However, women’s rights activists have warned that the ruling Chinese Communist Party remains vigilant in the face of mass feminist activity which continues to suffer from censorship and nationalist attacks.

How Myanmar’s coup helped increase drug trafficking Thai police recently seized 1,000 kg of stimulants. Southeast Asian officials and analysts Increase in drug trafficking And alarms and dependencies. They say the drugs started in neighboring Myanmar, where the drugs fled In the political turmoil Civil war since the takeover of the army.

Column chart in tonnes showing increase in methamphetamine attacks in Southeast Asia


5 aquatic adventures Discover Jaguar in the Amazon in Peru, heliskiing in Greenland, extreme fly fishing in Patagonia, or just cool Paxos: wherever you are Do it from the boat..

The boat

The boat “Haras 71” incorporates more than 3,000 years of Turkish history, including the Blue Mosque in Istanbul

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FirstFT: Johnson to host G7 talks on Afghanistan FirstFT: Johnson to host G7 talks on Afghanistan


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