Estonian PM says Kiev and Tbilisi should gradually become NATO members



KIEV (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – May 29, 2021) Ukraine and Georgia should take small but tangible steps to secure NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP), Estonian Prime Minister said on Friday Kaja Kallas.

“What I think is more realistic, and what we should strive for, is to get a NATO ‘action plan’ – a package of measures that will enable Ukraine and Georgia to move closer to the status of the PAM. You are carrying out reforms. Yes, we see that they are very difficult, and there are measures that NATO should take, but there are also things that you must do “, Kallas said in an interview with broadcaster NV.

As an example of the cooperation between the alliance and Estonia, the Prime Minister referred to the work of the NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence in the country’s capital, Tallinn.

“We practice different means of digital protection, and we have to share our experience because sometimes companies and states are shy and hide that they have been attacked, but this is not true.

After all, the experience of each attack allows us to see our vulnerabilities and improve our defense, ”explained Kallas.

Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, the unicameral legislature, overturned the country’s non-aligned status after a change of power in 2014 and proclaimed its intention to join NATO and the EU. In February 2019, parliament adopted constitutional amendments that enshrined Ukraine’s aspirations for bloc and alliance membership.

In 2020, NATO recognized Ukraine as a better opportunities partner. This status is granted to countries which make significant contributions to NATO operations and missions. Ukraine became the sixth nation to receive this status, also held by Georgia.


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