DPR criticizes Kiev for not bothering to resolve situation in eastern Ukraine – world



DONETSK, September 30. / TASS /. The Ukrainian delegation does not hide its indifference to the negotiations conducted by the Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in Donbass and seizes every chance to sabotage the peace process, said the Foreign Minister of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk (RDP) Natalya Nikonorova in a statement statement posted on Telegram.

“Ukraine simply does not care about the future of the peace process and has not concealed its indifference in recent times, brazenly underlining it,” the statement said.

Nikonorova stressed that the acting head of the Ukrainian delegation, Alexei Reznikov, left the contract group meeting before it officially ended. The senior DPR diplomat called the move a clear sabotage.

According to Nikonorova, the Ukrainian delegation evaded the discussions on the rules of the meetings of the Contact Group and its sub-working groups, rejecting all reasonable initiatives of the Donbass republics without providing any explanation. The Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office in the Contact Group Mikko Kinnunen, in turn, rejected the ideal of documenting the agreements reached at the meeting.

DPR delegation spokesman Vladislav Moskovsky said Ukraine has clearly expressed its indifference to efforts to find a political solution. According to him, this kind of behavior proves that Kiev “dreams of resuming its military activities in the Donbass” instead of taking the diplomatic route.


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