Billions of EU money wasted in Ukraine



Jerome Hugues

Press TV, Brussels

For twenty years now, the European Union has injected billions of euros into Ukraine. The master plan, analysts say, is to create a great ally right next to Russia.

The problem is that Ukraine is still corrupt to the core, according to a new report from the EU’s financial watchdog, the European Court of Auditors or the European Court of Auditors. We spoke to one of the authors online. Since 2014 alone, European taxpayers have sent € 12.5 billion to Kiev via the European Commission.

EU-funded corruption reform efforts have failed, according to the European Court of Auditors report. Critics say the EU is using Ukraine as a pawn to provoke Russia. On the question of energy alone, it seems that Moscow would benefit the EU more.

Question: “When you look at the scathing report, does that make you think you have chosen the wrong side in all of this?” The report from the European Court of Auditors states that “The EU has long recognized the link between oligarchs, senior officials, politicians, the judiciary and state-owned enterprises.”

However, the 27-country bloc has failed to address this issue with its cash injections. Experts say gangsters are running Ukraine. The EU’s executive arm insists that progress has been made in the fight against corruption in the country despite what the European Court of Auditors report says.

The defense of Ukraine by the European Commission simply could not have been stronger. There is no doubt that taxpayers will view this as outrageous.


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