Be careful, falling fruits! Balcony collapses after urban gardening project goes awry



The love of a Kiev resident for strawberries could have turned deadly. The weight of her garden wiped her entire balcony, causing everything to fall!

Kiev, Ukraine – Kiev resident extreme the love of strawberries could have killed a neighbor, because the weight of an urban garden tore off an entire balcony, causing nearly a ton of soil and berries to fall on the street below!

The balcony on the sixth floor of a building could not withstand a resident’s “garden construction” and threw itself under the weight of earth and strawberries. © (Stadtportal Kiew)

The accident happened on June 11 in Ukraine. A resident of a building had filled his balcony with a ton of potting soil to grow coveted strawberries.

It seems the weight, combined with some unapproved balcony extensions, put undue strain on the structure, which was not designed to be a sixth-floor bay farm anyway.

After the harvest ripened, the building could not support the weight of the earth and fruits and eventually gave way, causing the entire sky structure to fall, strawberries and all, according to Kyiv city officials.

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The report adds: “The owner of the apartment has planted an entire garden on the balcony.”

Fortunately, local authorities were able to confirm that no one was injured. Officials from the Kiev emergency services then dismantled the remains of the extension.

The Kiev authorities often have to deal with residents who install dangerous extensions on their balconies or carry out dangerous repairs in their apartments themselves.

Roman Tkachuk, director of the Kyiv City Municipal Security Department, urged people to be responsible for their property and not to create security-endangering situations.


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