American Farm Bureau Foundation Launches ‘Easy Button’ for Elementary Farm Education – Ohio Ag Net


New home learning resources are now available for parents and teachers who request content. The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture unveiled a new webpage featuring weekly lesson plans designed to help K-5 students learn where their food comes from while helping parents and teachers keep children engaged.

“We are delighted to launch this weekly series of virtual learning tools for parents, teachers and students,” sadi Daniel Meloy, AFBFA CEO. “Providing engaging lesson plans and engaging content helps support our goal at The Agricultural Foundation of providing an ‘easy button’ for home learning during this time.

The resource page contains free weekly activities, which center around a central theme and can be done independently of each other. The first lesson, which is live now, is titled “Who is a farmer?” And includes several videos, an interactive online game and a selection of suggested discussion questions.

“Learning about farming is a fun way to help kids think differently about math and traditional science with lessons that creatively integrate these two subjects., linking them perfectly with the wonders of agriculture today, ”said Meloyd.

Other educational resources offered by AFBFA include a series of accurate and engaging agriculture books published by Feeding Minds Press, Ag Mags focusing on various agricultural topics, comprehensive lesson plans and more.

Visit the Foundation for Agriculture home learning page.

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