Alternative to Biden’s national security plan | By Rizwan Ghani

Alternative to Biden’s national security plan

BIDEN’s China-Russia-centric national security (NS) plan is a divided worldview of America. Removed from reality, he is doomed to failure.

Biden has designated India as his ally, but resurgent India will continue to run with hares and hunt with dogs (Trump’s Afghan Legacy, Pak Observer).

Knowing Washington, the relationship would hit roadblocks sooner rather than later. America needs an alternative Asia-Pacific approach with China and Russia as friends so that India (Chanakya) escapes Machiavellian fate and everyone can benefit from the Asian century.

After the ME and Afghanistan, Europe was broken under the pretext of the war in Ukraine. No one can ignore the anti-NATO protests in Germany and France. Macron refuses to attack Russia even if Ukraine is attacked.

He has warned Biden (ECP) of nuclear Armageddon and opposes NATO seeking an independent Europe.

Merkel supported the pro-China view in her speech to the Kerr Foundation. This opens the door to collaboration with Asia instead of confrontation.

Biden relies on offensive policies to protect America’s vital business and security interests. Like its successive predecessors, they are doomed to historical failure.

Obama and Trump failed to secure Trans-Pacific Partnership agreements (November 13, 2016, The Guardian and January 23, 2017, NY Times).

America should also recognize China’s contribution to improving American living standards with cheap goods, buying American debt and creating jobs by sending millions of Chinese students to the United States. United.

By releasing ahead of the U.S. midterm elections in November, Biden is matching GoP America’s policy of eternal wars that he has promised to end his campaign trail.

Positive Russian economic forecasts show that alternative systems are working (IMF, Goldman Sachs and Economists).

Ukraine is a strategic miscalculation of the West with the UK and Europe its victims. The era of cheap energy in Europe is coming to an end as Russia redirects its energy infrastructure, including Siberia, to Asia.

If Europe fails to restart Nord Stream setups, the loss could be permanent. This is why America should respect Saudi Arabia for providing cheap oil for decades instead of blaming it for high oil prices while doing the same.

Saudi Arabia dismissed US criticism of OPEC+ quota cut decision (October 12, 2022 Bloomberg).

German minister criticizes US for “astronomical” natural gas prices (October 5, 2022, CNBC). Norway blamed Europe for high energy costs due to spot buying instead of long-term deals.

Without rebates for its European neighbors, Norway will earn $109 billion from its state-owned oil sector in 2022.

As part of a balanced approach, Washington should immediately maintain strong relations with Saudi Arabia, the other Gulf countries and Iran.

Ukraine was getting 30-40% cheap oil and gas from Russia as an energy hub that powered Europe and its economy.

Kyiv also received billions in return for running pipelines across the country and maintaining infrastructure.

It is corruption, incompetent leadership and foreign collaboration that have destroyed Ukraine and Europe.

America should play its part in ending Ukraine’s war for collective prosperity. The Minsk Agreement is a good starting point. All parties achieved their objectives.

Europe is divided. NATO has ended. Putin has expanded Russia, established a parallel financial system and secured a larger energy market in Asia, including China and India.

Delhi secured the removal of CAATSA (US sanctions), which allowed it to enter into trade, military and technological agreements with East and West.

India’s policies and shining numbers in the region are part of the US China Indo-Pacific policy.

Its megaprojects can yield good results if India can control corruption, preserve democracy and uphold the rule of law. Russian energy deals will help fund India’s national infrastructure mega projects.

India replaced Europe and Delhi subleased its defense and security to the West to build its economy, infrastructure and military. This policy should be for everyone. The American NSP can be modified positively.

Washington should respect the Asia-Pacific as well as its Western Hemisphere policy of non-interference and exclusive zone (Cuban Missile Crisis).

Or open its backwaters to the rest of the world, including China and Russia, just as it expects others to respect international maritime laws and waterways for global trade and supply chains.

Like America, everyone has a right to stand up, including China, Russia and Saudi Arabia. There are no restrictions on the size of the global economy.

It can accommodate everyone in terms of energy, jobs and technology. As the dominant power, America needs an NSP that promotes peace, prosperity and cooperation.

In the democratic era, there is no tolerance for wars, poverty and exploitation. It’s time to stop predatory infrastructure development deals like the East India Company that steal local resources, jobs, undermine democracies and promote wars.

It should be replaced by real progress in Africa, Asia and the West. Countries should be free to trade within the region and globally.

By ending divide and conquer policies, democracies can have a united, peaceful and prosperous world.

—The author is a senior political analyst based in Islamabad.

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