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Lawyer and former KGB officer Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, brought the countries of the Russian Federation together after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1979-1980. He helped them regain their prosperity. After the fall of communism, Russia was in the mud, weak and anyone could pick their pockets. Since then, the road has been hard and difficult to climb; but now Russia and these Central Asian republics are experiencing some economic prosperity and development.

This uprising of the Phoenix or properly the Duran, the two-headed eagle, provoked abject hostility and hatred among members of the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States. You can only call it irrational, but it is mass psychosis. The State Department has Nazis driven by hatred of Russia. A certain senior CIA officer calls the Russians subhuman! It’s not rational. Why is it? What has caused this paranoia to grip large sectors of the US government, especially those that advise and execute US international policy?

You must remember that the US Pentagon, the HQ of the US Army, needs a constant stream of enemies, in order to ensure a steady stream of funding for itself and to provide uninterrupted work for its mighty defense industry. (Once skilled craftsmen and engineers with specialized know-how are fired, they are lost, weakening the defense enterprise and industry.) America, as the Most Powerful Country of the world, is obliged to maintain its status. He thinks he is at the pinnacle of world civilization, the supremely powerful and most advanced civilization the world has ever known. It is therefore exceptional and superior to all the others. She is proud of herself and her power.

But Buddhism says that being proud is a serious form of delusion – madness. This madness leads to wrong views, wrong thoughts and wrong decisions. This is costly and/or dangerous for anyone involved. Note that these same ideas about themselves were used by the Nazis of Germany at the time to justify the desire of the white Aryan master race to conquer and rule the world. Therefore, a mass psychosis, irrationality arose then, and the same psychosis arose again in America and Europe today.

Putin’s crime was to strengthen the Russian Federation and in doing so he inevitably created a center of power, not under the control of America which is the supreme world power. This is the new enemy the Pentagon needed, as irrational as that sounds. And along with China and India, these large developing economies are in a position to question and challenge American activities around the world. These are most unwelcome developments for the supreme world power and the leader of the free world, who is exceptional, powerful and superior in all his authority.

It is known that recently America wanted to build a military base in Crimea, but Russia, in a very skilful military operation, invaded Crimea, to keep it for herself. They needed it as an outlet for Russian shipping to access warm water sea routes. Moreover, the people of Crimea culturally resemble Russians more than Ukrainians. They are very happy to join Russia and get all social payments and pensions. This unexpected decision thwarted American plans to maintain close relations with its Ukrainian ally, and with this association to influence the region. This blocking of US plans angered US government officials.

In addition to US officials’ aversion to growing Russian prosperity, development and power, there is the “carry-over” effect of the Russian hoax. This was a fake story or hoax perpetrated against President Donald Trump upon taking office where false allegations were made and powerful media outlets spouted damaging anti-Trump and anti-Russian stories for four year. They claimed that Russia influenced the vote to bring Trump to power – all without any evidence. Postponing this hoax would add to the bad feelings already harbored against Russia.

What has been revealed recently is that a considerable proportion of the Ukrainian population – up to 30%, supports right-wing extremism, especially those living in western Ukraine. Support for this ideology decreases as you move towards the Russian-speaking East. Ukrainian right-wing extremists openly say that the Russians are inferior because they were invaded by Mongols, etc., in the past. They also say they want to kill all Russians. These people revere a German Nazi officer, Stephan Bandera, a friend of Hitler who served in the war. At that time, serious crimes against humanity were being committed against Jews in Ukraine, and it was the Ukrainians who actively shipped them to German concentration camps, or massacred them themselves. The western region of Ukraine has some really crazy people. These Nazis from Ukraine are being used by the United States to irritate and undermine Russia.

The United States has established more than 30 biological research laboratories conducting research on banned, illegal and dangerous biological diseases in Ukraine. Why? Victoria Newland of the State Department acknowledged this to be true. What is the purpose of these? In the Azov steelworks there are vast underground bunkers. A Canadian general has emerged and is now being interrogated by the Russians. There are also more American officers underground. Why? What were they doing? Why Generals?

The United States will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian and use it, the saying goes, as it pulls the strings from afar – from a world apart located on the American continent. The Ukrainian people as a whole are suffering from these plans. With each war in Ukraine it gets geographically smaller, but America doesn’t care about Ukrainians – it only cares about itself.

NATO, as a military alliance to protect Western Europe, lost its purpose after the fall of communism. The organization’s staff and directors had to reinvent its purpose and found it to continually expand into the countries of Eastern Europe – and even as far as Central Asia. Everyone warned that this expansion towards Eastern Europe would be perceived by Russia as a threat to its security and a provocation. Allowing Ukraine to join NATO would mean having ballistic missile bases set up near the Russian border, and who could tolerate that?! It was an unacceptable danger for Russia, a red line. Military strategists around the world knew that this NATO expansion would lead to a gradual loss of security (or increasing danger) to Russia, and at some point there would be a Russian counter-reaction.

But the United States still continued with its plans to integrate Ukraine into NATO. NATO acts as a foreign legion for the United States around the world. NATO had promised Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO at the Bucharest conference. An insurgency and coup d’etat fomented by the US Obama regime took place in Kyiv, Ukraine in February 2016, and the democratically elected president was replaced by a pro-American president, surrounded by a team of military elements. ‘far right. The people of the Donbass region rebelled against this and formed an independent enclave in Ukraine, which Ukrainian military forces later attacked. Russian-speaking Ukrainians have been shot by the Ukrainian army – 13,000 people have been killed in eight years of bombardment. The Ukrainian army used/use prohibited weapons such as anti-personnel cluster bombs and even white phosphorus bombs – a most horrific weapon, against the civilian population. Russian police and war crimes courts are already overwhelmed with many cases. This loss of life went unreported by the world press until Russia finally invaded to save these poor Ukrainians from the Donbas region. But this act of mercy was widely condemned around the world. The world press, journalists have double standards, they are not impartial.

Around 2017, France and Germany met in Minsk with Ukrainians to end the killings in the Donbass and peacefully settle the problem of separatist enclaves. They implemented the Minsk agreements. They had met in Minsk and the Ukrainian government had signed an agreement to implement these agreements. The Ukrainian government was required to stop the shelling and talk to the leaders of the Donetsk and Luhansk enclaves to get the problem resolved. But for eight years Ukraine did nothing to implement the agreement, but continued the bombardment and recently even planned to invade and invade those Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Donbass.

In January 2022, Russia knew it had to act quickly before the Ukrainian army invaded Donbass. Russia’s plan was to first simply recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk regions as independent territory and then invade them to protect them from Ukrainian bombardment and the expected invasion. And they also had to neutralize the Ukrainian army to prevent it from starting to bomb again after the Russians had left. The Ukrainian army in the region numbered around 60,000 men.

These were two great military campaigns in themselves. The Russians realized that all the towns along the Sea of ​​Azov coast were a hotbed of the Ukrainian army mixed with far-right fighters following Stepan Bandera. This fact forced them to also invade the city of Mariupol, since these far-right units of the Ukrainian army – the Azov Brigade – had a stronghold there in the Azovstal steelworks. What is shocking is that the CIA, France and Britain trained these Nazi forces in an effort to counter any Russian invasion. By doing this they would prolong any war and more people would be killed. When Europe sends weapons to the Ukrainian side, this action also prolongs the war and more people on both sides are killed.

In 1945, Russia repelled Nazi forces in Berlin at the cost of many human lives, and now, in 2022, it wants to denazify Ukraine, because it does not want such an unpleasant enemy at its doorstep, especially armed by NATO. After this new military incursion of 2022, the Russian forces listed their demands necessary to reach a peace agreement with the Ukrainian government. This denazification has become one of Russia’s main demands. Other demands are the official recognition of Crimea as part of Russian territory; that the enclaves of Donbass be independent and that they allow the legal and official use of the Russian language in Ukraine.

But as the fighting drags on, Russian demands will increase.

Priyantha Hettige

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