5 Recipes to Make the Perfect Chicken kyiv at Home

Kolkata is a city for which food is an emotion and a celebration. Thus was born a dish in the city that has stuck with it in its most authentic form in the era of fusion foods. Chicken kyiv has been on the streets since the city was Calcutta and not as we know it today – Kolkata. Lively and tasty, A La kyiv is still as young as it was 70 years ago.

The dish was introduced to Mocambo in 1956 by an Italian chef who was brought to Calcutta. He was a master of European cuisine, with kinds of pasta from Italy, Poisson Meunière from France and Chicken Stroganoff and A la kyiv from Russia. But what dominated the tables the most was A La kyiv and that’s also why it’s still called ‘kyiv’ and not ‘Kyiv’.

However, the dish is just as easy to make at home.

Here are the 5 recipes to make chicken kyiv at home:

1. Get some curry

Get Curried simplifies this old classic recipe into tiny steps. You can prepare the dish at home very easily and from scratch. The complexity of the video will already make you salivate

2. Sanjeev Kapoor

How can you miss this legendary cooking show we all grew up watching? Sanjeev Kapoor is a master of dishes, be it any cuisine. The way it breaks down the recipe to follow and note down side by side makes it the easiest recipe to follow. Needless to mention, he is the inspiration for all home kitchens.

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3. Tin eats

No fancy, no long list of ingredients. The tin makes the recipe for Chicken A La kyiv quite easy to make also on weekdays and for office lunch boxes. Pin this quick 2 minute recipe to try when you can’t decide what to eat for dinner.

4. Babish Culinary Universe

The thumbnail must have already made you salivate. Try this recipe and cheer up your friends and family at the next party you throw. And with that, you have just another reason to celebrate and have a weekend party.

5. The bong eats

Learn how to make A La kyiv bong style from Bong Eats!

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So which recipe do you try first? Once the dish is ready, don’t forget to click on an image and tag Curly Tales!

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