10 highlights from the Future Games Show

Continuation of the Not-E3 season, also known as Summer Game Fest, GamesRadar presented their annual showcase, The Future Games Show, on June 11. Since GamesRadar and Gamer on PC belong to the same parent company, GamesRadar promoted The Future Games Show as “a double header” with gaming pc showcase, The PC gaming fair.

At 3:00 p.m. EDT on the official twitchgaming channel and Games Radar’s official channels, the live stream announced more than 40 new games. Hosted by Doug Cockle and Denise Gough, who voiced Geralt and Yennifer from The Witcher 3, the show featured some incredibly exciting and unique new titles.


An independent Ukrainian studio is working on puzzles for Clef

A screenshot from the upcoming game Puzzles For Clef

To help support the people of Ukraine, The Future Games Show showcased five upcoming titles from Ukrainian developers. One of these games is the puzzle platformer Puzzle For Key, which is slated for release in the second quarter of 2023. Developed by Weasel Token, which is an indie studio based in Kyiv, this upcoming title centers on a young rabbit named Clef who is invited by her sister to participate in a treasure hunt on a sky island.

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While trying to find the treasure, Clef must explore various unique areas, talk to the island’s inhabitants, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets of the island and Clef’s family history. Additionally, some parts of the experience require Clef to perform certain melodies that can impact the world around him.

Visit beautiful Moominvalley in Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

A screenshot from the upcoming game Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley

Based on historical and popular Moomins stories by Tove Jansson, Snufkin: Moominvalley Melody is an upcoming open-world puzzle adventure game slated for release in 2023. As wanderer Snufkin, who is Moomintroll’s best friend, players will explore the iconic Moominvalley and encounter various franchise characters.

Since the park keeper disturbed the natural environment of Moominvalley by building parks, Snufkin must use his harmonica and solve puzzles in order to restore balance to the land. With a memorable storybook art style that mimics the works of Jansson and a beloved franchise, this game is likely to be an enjoyable experience for fans and newcomers alike.

Defeat a corrupt billionaire in Sunday Gold

A screenshot of the upcoming Sunday Gold game

Published by Team17 which is best known for the Towards series, sunday gold is an upcoming turn-based point-and-click RPG set to release this year and meant to hark back to classic adventure games. Apparently mixing concepts of Disco Elysee and We, Happy Few, the game is set in a dystopian London where a trio of criminals must work together to stop Kenny Hogan, a corrupt billionaire.

As criminals Frank, Sally and Gavin, players will have to solve escape room-worthy puzzles and defeat enemies in turn-based battles. In addition to using the different strengths and weaknesses of the three characters, the player will also have to manage their stress levels.

Back to the 90s in serial cleaners

One of the promotional photos for the upcoming Serial Cleaners game

Created as a sequel to the 2017 game Series cleaner, series cleaners is an upcoming stealth action game set to release on September 22. Inspired by 90s movies and pop culture, the game revolves around four professional mob cleaners as they celebrate New Year’s Eve together in 1999. Waiting for the new era to begin, the four individuals remember their work during the 90s.

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But, as they continue to tell their stories, they discover that their stories don’t add up, and they slowly realize hard truths about what really happened. In this non-linear adventure, players dictate how the story unfolds by choosing who to play next, and each character has their own unique abilities and playstyles.

Gather an army of tiny creatures in Tinykin

A screenshot of the upcoming Tinykin game

Probably inspired by pikmine series, Tinykin is an upcoming puzzle adventure platformer set to release this year. To help Milo return to his home planet, the player must use the abilities of strange creatures known as tinykin to overcome obstacles in a large house inspired by 1991.

While exploring the world and discovering the secrets of the current Earth of the game, the player will collect several types of minions which each have their own special abilities such as the ability to explode, which can be used to solve different types of puzzles . Besides the main quest, Milo will meet many interesting characters, collect upgrades, complete side missions, and use a skateboard to skate around the house.

Survive the wilderness with a robot friend in Arctic Awakening

A screenshot from the upcoming game Arctic Awakening

Expected release in 2023, arctic awakening is a first-person survival narrative adventure that feels like a more futuristic take on survival gaming The long darkness. While the player character, a pilot named Kai, and his friend Donovan are delivering routine supplies to an Alaskan town by air, a severe storm hits and causes the plane to crash.

After waking up in the wreckage, Kai realizes Donovan has ended up somewhere else. With only his therapy robot named Alfie for company, Kai must explore the frigid landscape, search for his friend Donovan, and perhaps uncover the darkness that lurks in the arctic wilderness.

The Last Faith combines Metroidvania and Souls genres

A screenshot from the upcoming game The Last Faith

Although it doesn’t have a release date yet, many people are already looking forward to the intense gothic horror Metroidvania. The Last Faith. In a ruined and dangerous world, the amnesiac protagonist, Eric, fights to defeat his enemies in time before his affliction completely deteriorates his mind and soul.

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In addition to having a beautiful detailed pixel-art style and The souls-like difficulty, the last faith stands out above all for its wide range of attack possibilities. For weapons, players can use an incredibly large and varied amount of melee weapons, firearms, and magic. Even disregarding weapons, the player has many unique attack actions, which will probably lead to each player having their own fighting style.

Bramble: The Mountain King focuses on Norse fables

A screenshot from the upcoming game Bramble: The Mountain King

Expected release in 2023, Bramble: King of the Mountain is an upcoming horror adventure game based on Norse folklore. When a shy boy named Olle and his sister accidentally discover the mystical world of Bramble, the young boy must develop the courage to rescue his sister who has been kidnapped by a troll.

In the magic forest, Olle will meet various creatures such as gnomes, Skogsrå and Näcken, who will either try to harm him or help him on his journey. Using an enchanted shard known as the Spark of Courage, Olle will earn gifts that will help him overcome obstacles and win boss fights, but he must be careful not to lose his cuteness while seeking the strength.

The Entropy Center Could Be The Next Portal

A screenshot of the upcoming game called The Entropy Center

Although more than a decade has passed since the award-winning puzzle platformer Portal 2 is out, fans are still waiting for Valve to create another sequel. While the upcoming sci-fi puzzle adventure game The center of entropy is different from Gate series, it has enough similarities to possibly be the next big title for Gate Fans. Instead of solving puzzles with portals, however, the player solves puzzles by manipulating time.

As seemingly the last human living on an Earth that is consumed by fire, the protagonist must travel to the heart of the titular facility in order to find out what happened and eventually find a solution. To reach this area, the player will need to use ASTRA, which is an AI device capable of scanning objects and moving them back in time.

Cute and terrifying creatures exist on Lana’s planet

A screenshot from the upcoming Planet of Lana game

Expected release this year Lana’s Planet is a sci-fi adventure platformer that follows a young girl named Lana and her alien friend. After Lana’s sister is kidnapped by robots, Lana and her friend embark on an epic journey where they must work together to not only save Lana’s sister, but the nature of the planet itself.

As a team, Lana and her friend will have to solve puzzles, sneak past dangerous robots and react quickly to action-packed situations. During this beautiful game, players will discover a history that spans hundreds of years.

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