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Business loans are nothing negative – How to grow!

There is still a stigma around borrowing money. Many people, often those who are not entrepreneurs, believe that a company that lends money does not have a good business idea or business. It couldn’t be more wrong. If you do not have a long-term corporate loan for several years, you will often need shorter and more temporary contributions every now and then.

Surely you don’t react with a shock that someone has a mortgage?

Probably not. Because it is a necessity to be able to buy and own a home, especially in the big cities. That stigma has been polished away over the years and we hope that corporate loans online with shorter maturities and lower amounts will undergo the same transformation.


Grow with a smart business loan

Grow with a smart business loan

That’s why we at CredClick want to be as transparent as possible. You always know what it will cost because our loans have a fixed monthly fee, no set-up fee, start-up fee or other hidden costs. You can also repay the loan at any time at no extra cost.


What should you invest in in the short term?

short term loan

Unlike a loan from one of the traditional major banks, which is often arranged for three years or longer, a corporate loan is online to grow in the short term. It can be anything from a few months to a year. Therefore, consider these corporate loans as pillars for a high season, low season buffer or the opportunity to invest in something to grow.

Invest for example in:

  • inventories
  • marketing
  • Purchase of premises
  • Vehicle
  • Staff
  • Rental of premises or equipment

You can also use a corporate loan to cope with a low season and start charging for the upcoming high season.

For example, use the loan to:

  • Pay the tax
  • Pay wages
  • Pay local rent
  • Paying supplier invoices


Can a bridge loan be the solution?

As we mentioned before, a loan to your company can be a good solution between two different seasons. Going from high to low season can mean that there are a few months of reduced revenue and that you need to cover up for that period. Or to go from low to high season where you need to build that outdoor dining area, expand your inventory or something else to ensure that your revenue grows during that period. It is popularly called a mortgage loan and is a popular term for a loan that you get between a purchase and a sale of your own home. You simply borrow money to reach your goals when working seasonally.


Apply quickly and easily

quickly credit

An application costs you nothing as an entrepreneur. Neither in pure money in poorer credit rating when we use Creditsafe for personal information. Be careful about your credit rating as a private person and as an entrepreneur, as it is important for future credits, subscriptions, collaborations, etc. There is a big difference between UC and a credit report.

The application takes 1 minute and you will be notified within 1 hour. Both the application and the quotation are free of charge and not binding in any way. You can thus find out your offer in terms of amount and duration before making a decision. We pay the money the same day you sign the credit agreement with BankID.

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